Friday, 11 November 2011


The European shambles continues with the leaders of that delusional and failed concept doing everything to save it.
Greece has a new Prime Minister and Italy is soon to get one, both of them bankers imposed by the ECB.
Von Rumpoy has said that the situation should not be decided by democracy, a statement which betrays his undemocratic totalitarian beliefs.
So now two countries of Southern Europe are now run by unelected bankers. The justification is the mess the politicians have made and there is some sense in that.

But the mistakes or plans of the politicians were in the concept of the EU in the first place, putting different countries, societies and cultures under one umbrella in a "one size fits all " association.
But a one size fits all organisation does not fit all as anyone with an ounce of sense can see especially now, but the European Central Bank and the Eurocrats are now engaged in a scheme to displace democracy to achieve their desired plan.
That unelected bankers are now the leaders of two countries shows where the power is.
It is said that the bond interest rate has made this necessary (I don't know enough about finance to know the ins and outs of this) but it does seem interest rates play a big part of all this.

I agree many European politicians have been profligate with their finances
but the economists have not exactly covered themselves in glory with bank bailouts and collapses but now it seems these "experts" have been imposed on countries in undemocratic fashion to sort them out.

So both politicians and economists/bankers have messed up the European finances BUT the politicians have a democratic mandate, people have voted for them and can vote them out.
Can they vote out these imposed technocrats? If not, where is democracy?

I do not believe it is a good thing to default on debts but countries could repay the money owed without the interest payments which are the real crippling factor. Without these weights around our necks paid to wealthy and possibly subsidised bankers I believe the debts could be paid more easily to the benefit of the people.

I don't, in view of the undemocratic impositions of bankers to rule countries believe this will happen as it has shown who is really in charge, and it's not the people.
Hopefully they will not accept the "remedies" to be imposed on them and rebel and ask to exit the EU and-- with luck


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