Friday, 11 November 2011


I read tonight that several EDL have been arrested IN CASE they cause a breach of the peace.
Muslims were warned not to disrupt the armistice day proceedings and it seems have not done so, but the EDL people who would NEVER desecrate the memories of our fallen soldiers were arrested wholesale for behaviour they had not engaged in. THEY HAD DONE NOTHING.

I notice the soft touch the police take with students who campaign with violence and desecrate our centoaph as well as muslim protests but as soon as English people gather there are wholesale arrests before any violence or protests have been made, if indeed that was the plan.
What does this demonstrate?
It demonstrates the growing fear of the English voice rising and the authorities are desperate to snuff it out.

The politicised police by their unjust, undemocratic actions have further enraged the English people and they will retaliate in the name of our country against our traitors of political leaders who hve sold our country out to the banks and the muslim colonisers.
It's strange the police run away from the unwanted aliens in our midst but come down hard on our people.

When have our people caused violence or arson or looting.
NEVER, but they are arrested.
There is a head of steam rising among the disenfranchised English people against the injustice at being second class citizens in our own country, and the authorities know and fear that, hence these arrests.
They will not win as each unjustified assault on our rights gains more support for the EDL's cause.
I wish I was young enough to join them.

They are the footsoldiers of our people and their cause is our cause.
With luck a "peasants revolt" will knock some sense into those who undemocratically rule us.
We English people are becoming roused and angry and we WILL one way or another take our country back.

Keep going lads. You are our ground troops and someday we will prevail, and then God help the traitors who have so abused the English people.

I can't wait.

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Andyj said...

I hope these lads carried no ID at all. Especially a mobile phone. Then not uttered a word to the police until they have to let them go.

after that I hope they find out who is in charge of the farce then have a third party end them.

In 1962, John F. Kennedy famously said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."