Wednesday, 9 November 2011


It sems that the ugly muslim Choudary and his equally ugly alien friends intend to repeat their burning of poppies at this years armistice commemoration.
Presumably the £50 fine was not enough to dissuade him and his followers.
The poppy is for all true British people, a sacred symbol of thanks to our fallen soldiers who paid the ultimate price in preserving our freedoms.We owe it to these fallen heroes to remember their sacrifice and to defile this symbol is sacrelidge.

Recently barbaric aliens have been allowed in to our country and have used our hard won freedoms to attack and undermine our nation.The authorities seem paralysed or more likely complicit in ths insult.

I do not of course advocate violent action or conflict to combat this insult to our sensibilities, but perhaps an insult in kind to be enacted if and when a poppy burning should occur.
You can not protest that these muslims are ugly, a look in the mirror must surely have told them that, nor can you mention race except to denigrate true Britons.

So what could we do as a peaceful protest to counter their sacrelidge? Let's think. Perhaps burning or otherwise destroying a foreign object, say a book that is written in an alien script, or a cartoon picture of someone they hold in high regard. That would be a non violent way to show our displeasure.
This would be a legitimate response to their insults. Insult them back.
It would be interesting to see the response of the police if this was to happen. It would show whether they really are OUR police or agents of alien forces.

We will have to wait and see what happens.

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