Tuesday, 8 November 2011


So, the cat is really out of the bag.
Sarkozy tells Obama that the Israeli prime minister is a liar. So far so understandable, all politicians are liars.
But then Obama replies I have to deal with him every day and you don't.

So what does that tell us?
The president of a country of 300 million people has to speak and take into consideration the views of Netanyahu(or watever his name is) the leader of a country of just 6 million people.
Is this not a case of the tail wagging the dog? It looks like it.
Why is the leader of Israel so important and influential in American politics?

Of course the answer is obvious.
The Jewish lobby wield far more influence in American politics than their numbers in America justify, but then they have the money and the media on their side (how they gained this excessive advantage is another matter which I will not discuss now).

However the Israeli government is now engaged in sabre rattling over the alleged Iranian atomic programme, and are determined to stop it even by act of war.
No mention that they have atomic weapons against UN resolutions, that seems OK to them and the Americans.

Now I detest the Iranian regime and its cruel and hard line muslim actions and its reputation is not enhanced by threats to Israel but some of these are in answer to Israeli aggressiveness against Palestinians.
Whatever, the problem is not ours and if we keep our nose out of it we can let them fight it out themselves and I don't really care who wins. They are both as bad as each other.

What DOES bother me is that Cameron now says he will back America and Israel in any conflict in that region.
Our armed forces are a shadow of what they should be and should only be deployed in our defence and not be involved in wars waged by aggressive nations in the middle east whatever the Zionist neo cons of the USA think.
We are in effect being used and put at risk by these people, again with no mandate from the British people.
This will inevitably bring reprisals against British people by the fifth column of fanatical muslims our governments have allowed to enter our country.

Whether they knock seven bells out of each other is none of our business and I have little concern who wins any contest.

WE WANT PEACE and not to be used by the forces of the wealthy for their nefarious purposes.

So Cameron KEEP US OUT OF ANY CONFLICT, or you also in the pay of the Zionists?

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