Tuesday, 8 November 2011


As my medical and computer trubulations have subsided I now feel able to resume my comments on this blog.
I have felt too exhausted by the results of my operation to gather my thoughts till now, in spite of the tribulations of the EU and Greek fiasco which were easily forecast as inevitable.

I stated in a previous blog that if I were Greek I would move my money out of that country or put it in gold and that it seems is what happened.
In the last two months ago 20 billion Euros have been withdrawn from Greek banks and the total this year is over 65 billion.

The horror of Sarkozy and Merkel to the possibility of a referendum to give the Greek people a chance to say whether they wanted to accept the terms shows the democratic deficit in the EU, and indeed our own country.
The question which was to be put to the Greek people was not whether to exit the EU but whether to accept the austerity ordered by the EU bankers. It was well known that AS YET the majority of Greeks would vote to stay in the EU. In other words it was just to give them a say over their livelyhoods an idea which is anathema to the rulers of the EU project.

While I accept that if the EU has to lend money to Greece there must be conditions but it should be up to the people whether they accept those conditions.

Now Italy is in the fireing line and officials from the EU are there looking into Italy's finances, worried whether that country will not be able to pay its debts which dwarf those of Greece.
Interest rates are rising for their debts making them unpayable without "growth" which will be hard to achieve.
In any case we can not grow for ever in a finite world and that growth is only to finance the interest imposed by the banks.

The common thread which links these two countries as well as Ireland and Portugal and possibily France if Italy fails is the attacks on their finances by international bankers.
These overpowerful people with the connivance of the rulers of Europe and the world leech off the productive citizens of the world and are impoverishing them.

The future for the European people will be hard but we will have to pay a price sooner or later with our standards of living. The longer we let this banking cancer fester the worse it will get. If we rid ourselves of this banking stranglehold and it brings down the EU it although hard will weaken the march to the global state envisioned for us.

Like the World wars it will be a price worth paying if in the end the people have a say in their destiny and a system of REAL democracy arises.
Yes the will of the people is sometimes confused inefficient and even at times wrong, but it could hardly be worse than what has been done supposedly in our name in the last 50 years.

In any case it may not be as bad as suggested as we would be freed from subsidising the banks and the EU politbureau.

There will be no wars as a result of the financial and political collapse but there could be "peasant revolts" all over Europe and it will be those politicians and financiers who have caused this mess who will be advised to avoid lamp posts.
Of course the deliberate contamination of our continent with millions of aliens could be a ploy to cause disunity among the peasants and save the leaders, but it is not as yet to late to take our countries back.

The indiginous Europeans do not want to fight each other and they never have or will. They want freedom from this political elite and their financial allies, and with luck we will get it.



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