Friday, 18 November 2011


Being a true Wiganer I have little interest in soccer, preferring the real game for men Rugby League where diving is non existant and men are really men.
Other "sports" such as tennis , OK for soft public school people like Cameron, Clegg and Blair also do not interest me and I speak rarely about any of these activities.
However in the press and television today there seems nothing else apart from the "racist" aspects of soccer.
Sepp Blatter has been accused of "racism" by saying that players should shake hands and make up if a naughty racist word has been uttered in the heat of a match.
What's wrong in that?
A South African official, I can't remember his name has said John Terry should not captain England after some remark he made, and the Bulgarian FA have been fined because some of their fans have shouted racist words.
It has been noticed that other European countries do not follow the "Kick racism out of football" concept to the letter as we do in our country.

It is true that insulting comments (only to a black player) will in this country possibly get you a jail sentence but this does not apply to other European countries YET.

The fact that English fans have to keep their mouths shut does not mean they welcome African players any more than fans in other countries.

The black "English" players (an oxymoron if ever there was one) have threatened to strike.
Let them.
We should be represented by English players and if African players are good they should play for African countries who would then possibly do well.
They would however have to be good to beat the German side as they train hard but if they do, good luck to them.

No doubt they would do well as they are without doubt generally good athletes, and they seem to be very touchy, but they have a lot to be touchy about and that probably explains it.
Apart from their athletic and musical ability Africans seem, as judged by the past achieved little in such fields as science or any intellectual persutes.
In all societies they are at the bottom of the pile and that is not the fault of English "racists". So whose fault is it?

No one denies they are great runners and sportsmen but they are not European and the people of Europe resent their presence in large numbers here however good they are at these non academic spheres.

It is known that there is much anti white racism in Africa but that is never mentioned.
Gagging the European people will not stifle their resentment, it will stay hidden because of the law but it will remain.

I resent my town being increasingly infiltrated by these people just as Africans resent us in their failed continent, but unlike them I dare not say anything.
I was brought up to believe in the free speech, hard won by our ancestors which it seems is now being taken away from us.
Insults I admit are unpleasant but how many of us have not been mocked over our place of birth or accent, but we have put up with it.

The old saying "sticks and stones don't break my bones" is still valid today in my opinion, and all should accept it.

Those who can not have a chip on their shoulders and to make a song and dance about of it indicates that perhaps the insults are deserved.
These insults in the heat of the moment are no more racist than the call in Africa for "whitey" to get out of Africa, so grow up and don't let it bother you.

BTW I will not get out of Africa as I will never set foot in that failed continent.

You want your continent back.


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