Tuesday, 5 January 2010


These so called "British Muslims" attended court this week on charges of incitement during their demonstration against the returning soldiers of the Anglian Regiment in Luton last year.
To call any muslim as British is an oxymoron and especially these ugly bu****s who show their antithesis to all British values by their medieval dress.
I would send them back for being ugly. In court they refused to stand for the magistrate (which is contempt of court and carries a prison sentence)and were allowed time off for prayers. Special arrangements were made for them so they did not have to stand.
Why should this anti British scum be accorded privelidges denied to the rest of us REAL BRITS? After all this is OUR country and if they are allowed to be here (they shouldn't be) they should abide by our laws.
Nick Griffin was threatened with jail for calling islam "a wicked vicious faith" (which it has shown itself to be) but this trash seems to get away with saying anything including beheading those with whom they disagree.

Now muslims threaten to have a procession in Wooton Bassett, a little town which all too regularly mourns our soldiers killed in these barbaric hell holes and the purpose? To mourn our enemies who have killed our young soldiers.
It is as if there was a parade in WW2 to commemorate Nazis who killed our soldiers in that war and is an insult to us.

Good on Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons to say they will go and personally block their passage.
I will join them, not as a BNP member but as an ordinary Brit who respects our traditions and mourns the needless sacrifice of our young soldiers in this illegal war.
I don't care what muslims do in their own countries, whether the women are educated or even if they have food or medicine. But I do care about my own young people being sacrificed by an immoral government for the sake of a country populated by rabble like these ugly sods.

They are showing their true beliefs and people are increasingly seeing it. We must rid our country of this cancer in our midst or we will cease to exist as a people.

However I think the march will be banned as it will cause more people to support the BNP.

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Yet again an excellent report, well said !!