Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Dark clouds of xenophobia over Europe

FFS.....Who do these people think they are.

You would think that Christian Suicide Bombers and Christian Terrorist Fanatics have been blowing Planes out of the sky, Blowing Tube Trains and Buses up.

Have a read of this piece of Islamist whinging. And this is only over Minarets

"It breaches many of the fundamental principles that European civilisations have been built on. The widespread belief is that the ban is likely to be overturned by the Swiss Supreme Court or under the EU Convention on Human Rights. But this distracts from the crucial anguish on how such a tranquil and conservative country can become so intolerant to impose such draconian measures on the symbols of a religion followed by nearly a quarter of the world’s population."

"Europe itself owes much of its renaissance on advances made by Muslim architects at a time when the continent was living through the Dark Ages."

Maybe it was called the Dark Ages because of ISLAM.

"Britain is unique in Europe for its respect for Islam and other minority faiths and their practises. However, with the coming general election, there are dangers that Muslims may be ‘easy fodder’ to win cheap support. There are already indications that UKIP, under its new Chairman, Lord Pearson, may be prepared to play the BNP anti Islam card. "

The full article is here.


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