Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Is there an Election coming up ?

Wavey Davey (Cameron) says "We can't go on like this."


Your right Dave WE can't. We have heard very very little about Immigration from Dave and the Tories but there's an Election coming up and IMMIGRATION is going to play a huge part in it.
The LibLabCon are much of a muchness on this issue, and Dave using an old Thatcher slogan still doesn't tell us what he and his party are going to do about Immigration.
If by using an old statement of Thatchers maybe he is hoping to emulate her.
Which, in regards to Immigration means WHAT DAVE ?
It means NOTHING.
Did Thatcher and/or the Conservatives halt Immigration in their time in office ?

More controversially, Mrs Thatcher also made the comment once she was in Downing Street as she tried to stop the continued arrival of Vietnamese “boat people” in Britain. "

So the answer is No !
Though God loves a trier.

But your right Dave "WE can't go on like this".
The Country feels the same way, which is why the BNP now have 2 MEPs, . And the way things are looking we should end up with seats in Parliament.

But a couple of thing's worry me about this up-coming Election.
1) Postal Vote fraud.
Which seems to be the preference of ASIAN voters and Candidates (of the main 3 parties)

2)Who can vote.
Earlier this year I recieved a pamphlet from Wigan MBC called YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE. This is what it says inside....
"Members of Parliament and local Councillors represent you. They are elected to make decisions on a National and Local level. These decisions have an impact on our lives, so make sure you have the right to vote by keeping the register up to date. If you don't register, we assume that you don't live there and could lose your right to vote.

It's also worth knowing that CREDIT and LOAN COMPANIES check to see if your name is on the register of electors. if you are not registered, you may not be able to open a bank account, get a credit card, mortgage or any other form of credit, loan or contract.

Residents OVER 16 years of age who are:
British Citizens
Citizens of the IRISH REPUBLIC
Commonwealth Citizens (see note on back of registration form)

Now with Britain no longer being a Sovereign Nation and part of the EUSSR does this mean that any
Citizens OF OTHER EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRIES not resident here can vote?
How about the Irish Republic ?
What about British Citizens ? New Labour have been throwing passports out to every Tom Dick or Al Queda and calling them British.
How many Asians have DUAL Citizenship ?
How many Immigrants have been given the vote?
After the admission by New Labours Andrew Neather to Gerrymandering and Social Engineering, through Immigration, to "RUB THE RIGHT'S NOSE IN IT". New Labour are willing to comit acts of TREASON and then boast about it, we should ALL be worried.

"We can't go on like this" says Dave but more than likely they will.
Remember the Home's for Votes scandal ? Dame Shirley Porter, surcharged £42 Million (total inc interest) for gerrymandering?


The Tories Gerrymander, New labour Gerrymander. The Tories tax us to the hilt, New Labour tax us to the hilt, Tories all but destroyed manufacturing, New Labour continued to Destroy what was left.etc, etc, etc.
The only real difference is the party Colour, and we need more than a change of Colour.


That's why people will be voting BNP.

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