Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bankruptcy hanging like a cloud over Labour's election campaign

"Labour has been forced to scrap a planned manifesto meeting of its National Policy Forum on cost grounds, just before a campaign in which Conservatives are preparing to out-spend it by a factor of about three to one"

An impoverished Labour Party will be unable to return fire against the Conservatives’ pre-election advertising blitz for months, amid fears that it could
emerge from the campaign bankrupt."

The financial problems afflicting Labour hit hardest in 2006, amid allegations that big individual donations and loans were linked to honours. Sir Gulam Noon, the curry magnate, who lent Labour £250,000 before being nominated for a peerage, said yesterday that he had not been contacted about funding this year’s election campaign, even though he remains a committed party supporter. His loan was repaid in full in July 2008, but others who chose not to convert loans into donations, including Rod Aldridge, the former head of Capita, and Richard Caring, the owner of The Ivy restaurant, are still owed money. "


If New Labour can't keep it's own finances in good order how do you expect them to look after the countrys finances ?
And why are Business men LENDING New Labour tens of thousands of pounds....What do they get out of it, and with Union dues what do the Unions get out of it ?

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