Wednesday, 6 January 2010

They still do not get it. What about US?

A few MPs, rightfully worried about the continued growth of the British National Party have tried to woo back voters by coming out and saying that immigration is having an impact on public services, etc.

Too little too late you Pigs of Parliament.

But they still do not get it. The Lib Dems say they would ensure "migrants" were directed to parts of the country where they are most needed, where they will be welcomed and there are the resources to accommodate them.

Don't they understand? Colonisers are not needed anywhere in the UK. Colonisers are not welcome anywhere in the UK. And all accommodation resources should be made available to the True British People whose ancestors fought and died to help create these resources and not to imported voters for The Establishment.

Then over here, you can read that Lord Carey, the former head of of the Anglican church saying that anyone wanting to come to Our Country should be aware of our language and history then goes on to say that where there are "competing groups" wanting to come to Britain, then "some groups which may have a greater understanding, an espousal to that, may be given a preference under such a system". Sod of Carey, you bloody traitor.

What about US. What if we do NOT want "competing groups" or any "groups" coming to Our Country for that matter.

What if we want Our Country, that our ancestors died for, for our own future generations. What the hell about us? Don't we count at all? Do we have any say in this? Only when we have a BNP government will we be free of corrupt politicians and barmy theologians. Help create a BNP government by joining and becoming an activist or hang your head in shame.

Do not buy from the colonisers. Do not travel in their taxis. Do not fraternise with these people. If you must speak to them, be civil and that is it. We want messages to be send back to countries across the world that immigrants to Our Country are just NOT welcome here and we want those already here to think about returning to their own countries.

Hat Tip to The Green Arrow.


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