Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Please Sir.....Can I have some more !

Nanny Hilary knows best.
I bet he eats off Wedgewood China crockery too.

"The first major food strategy to be published since World War Two establishes a new "Healthy Food Code of Practice" that will ask all restaurants and fast food outlets to clearly label the amount of sugar and fat in unhealthy meals."....

"The Government's food policy for the next 20 years is intended to not only promote healthy food but also to fight global warming and ensure we do not fall victim to food shortages.

Consumers are encouraged to eat less red meat and dairy, to reduce the amount of methane produced by cows, and more locally-sourced seasonal fruit and vegetables to cut down on food being transported over long distances.".....

"Hilary (Wedgewood) Benn, the Environment Secretary, who is due to announce the new strategy at the Oxford Farming Conference, said the UK could be a "food superpower" in the next ten years by revolutionising farming and food manufacturing.".....

Man Made Global Warming is now being blamed on Cow Farts.

Jeez...they're still trying to TAX THE AIR WE BREATH and force GM MONSTER FOOD on us.

There are some good ideas here but it's from New Labour so it's bound to end up costing us billions and then they'll tell us we need more Immigrants to help grow our food.

We could cut down on the amount of food this country needs, and our carbon footprint by sending back ALL Immigrants to their native homelands.

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