Wednesday, 6 January 2010

BNP Policies Exposed

Many Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians repeatedly demand that the BNP's policies be exposed for how disgustingly racist they are. I, a devout egalitarian, have therefore gone to the effort to grant them their request in its full entirety. This video is posted so that these policies can be mocked, scorned and insulted for how disgusting they are according to the values of the current Western leadership. Democracy demands transparency. Parties are not secret societies.

Material from the British National Party Website:

EUROPE back to British independence!
LAW AND ORDER crack down on crime!
ECONOMY British workers first!
EDUCATION discipline, standards, achievement!
AGRICULTURE quality before quantity!
HEALTH first-class healthcare for all!
TRANSPORT time to invest!
ENVIRONMENT a cleaner, greener future!
FOREIGN AID time to spend our money on our own people!
PENSIONERS pensioners before asylum seekers!
NORTHERN IRELAND an end to sectarianism!
DEFENCE no more cuts!
FOREIGN AFFAIRS Britains interests first!
DEMOCRACY letting the people decide!

The British people invented modern Parliamentary democracy. Yet in recent years the British people have been denied their democratic rights. On issue after issue, the views of the majority of British people have been ignored and overridden by a Politically Correct elite which thinks it knows best. On immigration, on Capital Punishment, on the surrender of British sovereignty to the EU and in numerous other areas, democracy has been absent as Labour, Tories and Lib-Dems conspire in election after election to offer the British people no real choice on such vital issues. The BNP exists to give the British people, that choice, and thus to restore and defend the basic democratic rights we have all been denied. We favour more democracy, not less, not just at national but at regional and local level.

Power should be devolved to the lowest level possible so that local communities can make decisions which affect them. We will remove legal curbs on freedom of speech imposed by successive Governments over the last 40 years. We will implement a Bill of Rights guaranteeing fundamental freedoms to the British people. We will ensure that ordinary British people have real democratic power over their own lives and that Government, local and national, is truly accountable to the people who elect it.

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