Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Migrants should understand Christian heritage, says former Anglican leader

"Migrants should respect the Christian heritage of Britain while the immigration system needs to focus more on values, the former Archbishop of Canterbury said."....

"It comes a day after a cross party group of public figures, including Lord Carey, warned a failure to limit immigration could put "social harmony" at risk."

"The group has called for all main political parties to make manifesto commitments to keep the population under 70 million by slashing net immigration. "....

""If we don't do something about this, we play immediately into the hands of the BNP. That is very clear indeed. That is what they are using in places like Dagenham," he said. "

They've not quite thought this through have they. What about the Immigrant Birth rate, which is a lot higher than the Indigenous birth rate. The higher Immigrant Birth rate is already putting a strain on our Hospitals, Midwives, Schools etc.

And how are they going to slash NET immigration?
Force the Indigenous population to emigrate?
Carey and Williams (The Anti-Christ/Pro Mohammed) have been silent on this issue, except for calling anyone who dared mention Immigrants and Immigration Rascists.

The Establishment are terrified of the BNP
We need a REVERSAL of Immigration, and we know there is only one party willing to do this.


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