Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I want to take you on a journey from one continent to another (no sorry, from Wigan to St Helens.
The top two photos are of the main A571 from Wigan to St Helens showing the lack of gritting or even a snow plough. Snow was scraping the exhaust of my car at noon today, two days after the snow had started.

The photo underneath is where the roads "cared for" by Wigan meet St Helens roads.
Admittedly there has been heavy snow but you can actually see the road in the St Helens area.
To the right of the picture you can see where the grit has been carried on car wheels into the Wigan area while on the left the absence of salt on the wheels coming from Wigan is obvious.
This photo was taken less than 400 yards from the previous one.

The last photo is of the B5702 just round the corner showing that in spite of heavy snow the road is passable with care.
Wigan Metro say they are short of salt. Well it's not through gritting.
My belief is that they heeded Gordon Brown's warning of "Global Warming" and did not order enough salt so as to allow them to afford more senior executive and councillors expenses.
They should have been warned.
Past experience has shown that the opposite of Gordon's predictions usually comes to pass.
"No more boom and bust". "Prudence". "British jobs for British workers" to name just a few.
Yes Labour controlled Wigan Metro still think he has the Midas touch as he saddles us with the largest debt in our national history. You know, when you are in debt keep spending, not on useful things like manufacturing or infrastructure but bureaucracy and non jobs, asylum seekers, foreign aid, illegal wars and the EU, and then tax industry with a National Insurance hike.
Never have we seen such incompetence. Even in 1962 the schools were not closed (what does that tell you about the work ethic of modern politically correct teachers?).
However Golden Gordon may have saved us from Global Warming .
In the 1976 drought the then Labour government appointed a "Minister for Drought". It rained for three months afterwards.
Perhaps Gordon does know something but don't bet on it Wigan Metro.

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