Monday, 8 November 2010


I have mentioned before on this blog that terrorists with a "Dirty Bomb" within the UK may be responsible for the way British Governments behave in regards to the treatment of known Islamists within the UK.

Why are the Islamists allowed to preach and demand in public that we in the west who are not mohammedans should be beheaded or attacked and murdered for being non-believers ?
We have seen time and time again our Governments allowing into this country known Islamist Imams who have declared Jihad (holy-war) on the west, I have wondered why they are allowed into this country to travel freely around our country and live in our country fomenting hatred against us.

Another instance of the British government failing to halt this hatred and its Islamist peddlers is to allow the Egyptian thief
(I call him a thief as in Shari Law anyone found guilty of theft, robbery etc have their hands chopped off) Abu Hamza (who is unable to wipe his own a**e) to stay in our country.
They have allowed the Mohammedan Law system 'Sharia Law' to take the place of our own 'Common LAW' within Mohammedan communities.
Many Islamists in this country who spread hatred of us have been arrested but not sent to prison and are freed due to government "Control Orders", but are still able to do what Islamists supporters do which is fomenting Terrorism, raising funds, spreading hatred against us within their Mosques (Barracks) and promoting terrorism and Jihad against us.

A while back I did a blog on here called -

asking why Islamists and known Mohammedan preachers of hate and known supporters of Mohammedan terrorism (JIHAD) against the west are allowed to stay in our country, visit our country to spread hatred against the west in Mohammedan mosques up and down the country and one Imam who was refused entry because of his support for Jihad and his extreme views, had the security chief in Whitehall, and the probable next head of MI6, supporting his entry into this country

"Charles Farr has said he is willing to “put himself on the line” to secure Dr Naik’s entry." [...]

"What could the underlying force be that is sweeping its way through our Institutions, that the man who was in line for Britains top security job, the Head of MI6, is willing to put his whole credibilty and job on the line for a Islamist Terrorist supporter, to gain Zakir Naik and his family entry into Britain ?"

Well now I think I know why -

NUCLEAR TERRORISM -"Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili claimed that he had uncovered and foiled a plot to sell highly enriched uranium to an Islamist extremist group" [...]

"Prosecutors said they had smuggled 18 grams of HEU by train from the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, to the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, in a lead-lined cigarette box. Such a quantity was nowhere near enough to make a nuclear bomb but was meant as a "taster sample" with more HEU available if the buyer was satisfied.

"It is unclear how much stolen nuclear material is already in circulation and how much may have already been purchased by extremist groups."

Please click and follow the links below to get a better idea of where I'm coming from on this.

Armenian smugglers tried to sell Nuclear Material to Terrorists

Mission to stop Nuclear terrorsim
"American intelligence officials believe that if al Qaeda could get its hands on a piece of highly enriched uranium (HEU) the size of a grapefruit, let alone a consignment as big as the Polish one, the destruction of a city like London, New York or Washington would follow."

If terrorists have a "Dirty Bomb" within the UK it could explain why Mohammedan terrorists and their supporters are allowed virtual free reign in their hatred of us, usurping our Laws and customs, hunting in packs and commiting Racist attacks,
murdering non-believers, usually indigenous British who are unacompanied. They never attack without a gang of them.
They are Grooming, Raping and prostituting underage Indigenous British Girls with impunity, supplying and selling Class A drugs 'Heroin Jihad'
selling Halal meat to the unsuspecting public and demanding our subservience, .
Is Britain being held to ransom with the threat of a "Dirty Bomb" ?


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