Monday, 27 September 2010


The once favourite to be the next head of MI6 and Whitehalls Top Security Advisor Charles Farr has been trying to get a Mohammedan Imam Zakir Naik, a supporter of Islamic Violence and Terrorism, entry into Britain, but has been blocked by the Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May.

Why is a Foreign Imam and supporter of terrorism being supported by a man whose job it is to keep our country and its inhabitants free from harm by Terrorists, to identify Islamic Terrorist supporters and keep them under surveillance and to stop fund raising for Terrorists ?

Charles Farr has said he is willing to “put himself on the line” to secure Dr Naik’s entry.
What could be the underlying force be that is sweeping its way through our Institutions, that the man who was in line for Britains top security job, the Head of MI6, is willing to put his whole credibilty and job on the line for a Islamist Terrorist supporter, to gain Zakir Naik and his family entry into Britain ?

What is it that allows known Terrorists and supporters to come and go with impunity from our shores yet bans entery to the Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who had made a film FITNA
which shows the true face of Islam - Islamic Terrorism and violence, with Islamists reciting passages from the Koran calling for Jihad, to kill the non-believers ?

What is it that allows an Islamist to sit in the House Of Lords, one Lord NAZIr Ahmed,and threaten to mobilise 10.000 Islamists to run riot through our once Capital City, Londonistan, if Wilders film FITNA was screened in the House of Lords and which was requested for a private viewing by another member of the House of Lords and for other members of the
House of Lords to view in private ?

Why do we have to jump when Islamists demand it ?
Why are we punished for things that Islamists are allowed to get away with, such as book burning, Racial attacks, forced fed Halal food, seperate days for Islamists to use Public amenities such as Swimming Baths etc, Islamic (Sharia) Law to supersed British Law ?

Are we, as a country and people, being held to ransom ?
What could it be that makes the upper echelons of our Security services, MPs etc, bow down and grovel in front of Islamic Terrorists?
It can't be that they would set off bombs on our streets, the IRA used to do that yet we never bowed or grovelled to them.
Or is it ?
But what sort of weapon/bomb (if it is a weapon/bomb) could turn our country upside down and it's Indigenous population oppressed?



The Sentinel said...

What is it?

Its our peoples ignorance, fear and apathy, mainly.
Remove that and everything begins to change.
To remove it, expose the liblabcon in full and tell them to stick their racism etc back where it comes from.
They only do it to us while we let them.

Silly Kuffar said...

I think that's only a small piece of a bigger picture.

The Sentinel said...

OK, I give in, what is it then?

Silly Kuffar said...

Your guess is as good as mine.
Surely those who causing all this must realise that the Mohammedans will eventually turn round and bite them in the arse, whatever it is it seems to make them jump when they're told to and keep telling us were racists for complaining.
They have some sort of hold over us whatever it is ?

Silly Kuffar said...

At a guess, and I could be wrong on this but..A dirty bomb, nuclear or something similar.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Lest we forget SK we rewarded the political wing of the IRA - Sinn Fein with seats in the English Parliament. Although, yet to take up this offer (but, still claim their expenses), renewed efforts from the coalition for the Sinn Fein elect to be given the opportunity to even re-write their own oath in this final 'disgusting' attempt to coax them in?

Is this what our government have in stall for our Muslim 'religion of peace' chums?

I'm very tempted to purchase this book by David Vance......

"The Price of Rewarding Terrorism"

You do not defeat terrorism by rewarding terrorists, regardless of how many bleeding heart liberals argue otherwise. Want to know where that flawed approach leads to? Read UNIONISM DECAYED 1997-2007 - It's my first book and it explains what happens when you seeek to appease terrorists and call it peace. It's available right now for ATW readers so make sure you get your copy by emailing the editor! This is the book that dissents from the herd mentality that doing wrong can lead to being right. It doesn't and this book spells out WHY.

A link to his blog here:

A Tangled Web

We also get a mention on his blog with this little piece:

"I had to laugh at this article inThe Times by Weyman Bennett who is Joint Secretary of the Unite Against Fascism organisation - dedicated to confronting the BNP and denying them the right to speech. Comrade Bennett does not do irony, evidently.

But if the Unite Against Fascism luvvies are genuine, then why are the not also denying Sinn Fein the right to speech? After all, compared to the republicans, the BNP are a genteel collection of elderly spinsters on a Sunday afternoon picnic. How many convicted murderers does the BNP have as elected members? How many convicted bombers? How many convicted cop-killers? How many convicted bank-robbers? Surely an organisation that has murdered, bombed and shot it's way to the offices of power qualifies as...fascist? Or might it be that the UAF is a deluded cabal of left wing student types unable to look in the mirror when it comes to identifying the real threats to our society."