Monday, 27 September 2010

Wigan Council Spends Thousands Of Pounds On New Signs in Leigh

So, what does a council do when it threatens the need to make savings of £55m with the sad prospect of making 800 individuals redundant?

It spends absolutely thousands and thousands of "our" pounds on ridiculous and unnecessary "new" informational signs around Leigh town centre - that's what it does!

The picture below shows one of the new signs that have appeared in abundance around town over the past week or so.

Yet, the picture below taken just 50 yards away from the one above - and these more sturdy signs have themselves only been put in place a couple of years ago!

Additionally, It seems rather at odds that we should be inheriting these new signs - when only a week or so a go this was reported in the local press Axeman to give signs the chop Although, this following comment taken from the article is a little conspicuous!

"We do however get many requests from the public, councillors and MPs for the provision of new traffic signs to warn of hazards, provide information or for enforcement of traffic regulations. "

Can anyone confirm that more of these signs are appearing throughout Wigan Borough or is it just confined to Leigh?

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