Saturday, 6 November 2010


Deadly TB cases on the rise

More news of foreign invasion, this time Tuberculosis.
It is revealed by public health specialist Dr Petrovic Markovic (good old English name)in latest figures that there were 536 new cases in Greater Manchester,179 in Lancashire and just 68 in Merseyside.
Now TB, previously a scourge was all but eradicated 30 years ago as housing and general health conditions improved.
It was associated with poor living standards and unhealthy living conditions but also by a genetic susceptibility to the disease.
With vaccination and modern treatment it was thought that this terrible disease had become a thing of the past.

I have a personal interest as my ex wife had it and was in Wrightington Hospital for four months at the time of the birth of my first daughter and was not allowed contact with her baby until the baby was 2 months old. This means my daughters could have inherited the genetic succeptibility to the disease and indeed my grandchildren could be equally at risk.
If there is no contact with TB there is no risk to them but these latest figures give me cause for alarm .

Why has this increase happened? The reason has of course not been stated but it is as a direct result of the uncontrolled immigration of people from countries where it is rife and resistant strains are prevalent because of faulty treatments.
It is no coincidence that in the North West that the greatest number of new cases are in the regions of highest immigration.
That means that if those in my family contract it treatment could be less easy than that of my wife who even then was disabled for over a year.
The callous disregard for the health of our young people by those of the main parties is in parallel with their disregard for our culture. To make matters worse immigrants with TB are not sent back to their countries of origin as they are in other countries but are allowed to stay BECAUSE they carry the disease, taking resources from our people who have paid for the NHS.

It gets even worse.
The figures relate only to TB. Most cases of HIV and AIDS are as a result of African migrants to our country and the cost of treatment of them is enormous, although I do not think any of my close family is at risk of these latter diseases (they will not be if they listen to their grandad).

So in a nutshell our culture and environment is increasingly eroded while our health is put in jeapordy by the governing classes in their pursuit of their globalist agenda and without our consent.

Yet people still vote for these traitors.


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Anonymous said...

I read with interest your post and I bow to your superior knowledge in this subject.
Firstly if as you say these are published statistics for these illnesses and knowing how the state likes to bury bad news,how then do we know that these statistics are not the tip of the iceberg.
As you quite rightly point out we are importing diseases into this country with no regard to the wishes of the majority of the peoples of this land.
There are forces at work in this country who actively promote other interests such as sport,sport and more sport and the never ending reality tv garbage,they want to take the public away from the more serious side of life and alas they are suceeding.
The main stream parties are happy with this,you know the old mushroom adage,feed em shit and keep them in the dark.
We really really need to broadcast this information on as many forums as possible and I for one will be doing this,I post on many forums and I will certainly be pushing this one as will my many contacts who I have been in contact with.
If I could digress a little,the parties we now have are frankly a disgrace,we now know the liebour lot are and have been treasonable to this sovereign nation,we then had the Cons telling us with cast iron guarantees that we would get rid of the EUSSR,what have they done exactly the opposite.
The Libdumbs are little more than a glory seeking outfit in thrall to the trappings of power.
My question is this,when o when is this British Nation going to wake up and smell the coffee as to what is surreptiously being done in their name.Sorry for being long winded in this post but I am as they say around here gobsmacked at your revelations.
Keep up the good work and nils illegitimous carborundum.