Monday, 8 November 2010


Steve Shark and Leg Iron are seduced by the dark side. Well, sort of. The idea that the permanently workshy will be forced to work sounds good, at first. Indeed, for those of us of a certain frame of mind, it’s almost too good to be true. Remember what they always say on those confidence trickster television programmes? If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

It sounds a lovely idea. We’re paying for the unemployed anyway, so we might as well pay them to do something useful. In fact, it might even do them some good. Yes, that’s it! We can use the government to improve people! After all, we’ve been paying for them all these years, and if we can just force them to become working, taxpaying individuals, give them a good start, something to put on their reference, after all, it’s not really their fault…

Sounding familiar?

It’s a scam. It’s slave labour mixed with “public works schemes” dressed up to appeal to the non-left. Seriously, these poor slaves will largely never still never escape the benefits trap. At least, not the ones who have never worked, or not worked for decades. Vast pools of slave labour tend to depress wages, so the likelihood of benefit slavery being a stepping-stone to an unskilled job that pays enough to replace the low-cash but housing-etc-rolled-in indentured labour scheme is low. The benefits trap is just that -a trap- and that is unlikely to change, save for the fact that those within it will now be slaves. The State won’t let those slaves go that easily.

What do you suppose the life chances of free unskilled labour are in places where slavery exists? Who is going to pay you when they can get slave labour for free? So all these dole-scroungers get forced to pick up litter. What do you suppose happens to people who currently work for Cleanaway or SITA? You can earn quite good money emptying dustbins or sweeping the streets, and provided you don’t mind being up early and out in all weather you don’t even have to be the full shilling. What do you suppose will happen to those people once the councils realise they can cancel the contracts and get the unemployed to do the work? On the dole with you! Out to sweep the streets for free, slave, and lose your house and stay in this dodgy council-approved bedsit to boot! Oh, and we’ll probably take your kids into care to be fiddled and buggered and moulded into the next generation of government lackeys too, since you AND your wife now have to go to work at 6am and can’t get them to school…

No, I can’t support this. What we have now is broken, bloated and definitely unsustainable, but this alternative has the potential, nay, likelihood of growing into something much much worse. A Trojan Horse smuggling in a massive increase in the power and scope of the government under a banner of reducing the welfare state.

And anyway, as I've said elsewhere, how are the overseers going to keep themselves anonymous?



Wigan Watergate said...

I rather agree with you on this. I am in fairly secure employmemt within the public sector (education) so provided I don't get the sack for my political allegiances somehow - though they remain undetectable to all I work with ( as it should be!) - I can speak without being accused of having an interest in being one of the 'work-shy' who might have to sweep up leaves etc! Surely people should be given work based training which will skill them up to be be more economically productive rather than given work which, unless suitably paid or someone is so inclined towards it, would seem as a punishment. Whatever, this sort of work needs to be done and is of public value but if indeed there exists sufficient work to be done in this line of employment then, surely, instead of doing it for bread-line benefits better to provide a living wage for doing it instead.

Silly Kuffar said...

The Tories under Thatcher had quite a few workfare for welfare programmes.
You would receive your Giro as normal but earned an extr £10.00 on top of your Giro for working a 40hr week in unskilled labouring jobs.
I don't know if anyone remembers the schemers who worked in Mesnes Park digging out 80yr old duck S**t and mud for an extra £10.00 a weekso these schemes are nothing new.
what were the skills the schemers digging out 80yr old duck crap learning ?
How to use a spade and push a wheelbarrow.
The powers that be will find quite a few meaningless jobs to give the new schemers a chance to earn their unemployment benefit.

Don't forget it is New Labour the Conservative and Libdems who are to blame for the destruction of our society through unfettered Immigration, outsourcing of British Jobs, the break-up of family units etc and a 1000 and more Laws which are not in the best interests of the Indigenous population.


Unfortunately all of this will be against mohameds religious inclinations and therefore he will be exempt.This is always the first assault from the tories,upon the impoverished ,politically powerless,white plebs,from herr keith joseph to the political inanity that has been forced on us today,because they are easy targets,and every-one can feel better than them,but however much they have been depraved,and reviled by the machinations of press and administration,they are still OUR people,and there but for fortune go you or i.