Wednesday, 10 November 2010


The proposed increase in university tuition fees is a kick in the teeth for young students given by those who were educated free of charge(after they left public school)
That much is self evident but let's examine the issue in more detail and the underlying reasons.

First was the decision to increase student numbers to 50%. This entailed building many new colleges and giving university status to establishments of dubious value. These in turn "teach" such academically rigorous subjects such as media studies, film studies, golf course management etc which are of little value to the students or the country.

So why go to all this expense? Why delude these kids that their "qualifications" will be the key to a secure future in the jobs market?

One reason is to reduce the youth unemployment figures and at the same time make it "seem" that the governement is "investing" in education.
The second reason is that these misled students, of necessity build up large debts which can take years to pay off and create a nice little? earner for the banks.(Today it has been announced that one bank Barklays is paying £4.2 billion in bonuses)

After graduating these cheated young people if they want to live independntly must take a mortgage out or pay a high rent (more interest payments to the banks). Oh and they must pay into a pension,(more money to investment bankers) soon to be made compulsary
Thus they never get out of the grip of the financial wolves of the "City".

What can they do?
Well they can't start a family and must remain at home with their parents. Thus the birth rate for indigenous Brits falls and this is used to highlight the "need" for immigrants to look after our old people.
The ones with mediocre qualifications are condemned to a life of debt and dependancy on the banks.

Those with qualifications which are sought after abroad emigrate thus avoiding repaying their student debt. But the main downside is that talented young people avoid university altogether.
Thus we have shortages of engineers,doctors, nurses etc and are told we must import them from abroad, ironic after all the money which has been lavished on education in recent years. This of course dilutes our society and culture and makes us dependent on "experts" who were taught in foreign institutions of dubious worth.

How to solve the problem and give our young people a chance?

For a start universities should become more efficient.
Lectures are often given to as many as 90 students and lecturers are not highly paid so where the universities get their prices from is a mystery. They often reply that research is costly. So it is but that is for industry and government to pay for. It should not be subsidised by students.

Secondly courses should be free and limited to subjects the country needs (I know I have said this before),and good apprenticeships made available, the costs paid back by working for a period in this country.

I have mentioned the latter points before but the saddling of a generation with a lifetime of debts and few prospects is a far more sinister threat to them and us who will increasingly sidelined in our own society. But is that not what Cameron wants in his "Big Society"?
A globalised society with big banks calling the shots and the ordinary people just small units of production as in Orwell's 1984 and forever controlled by the "elite"

STOP PRESS.---Cameron has told Chinese students that the increase in fees our students must pay will enable Chinese students studying here less. That is our students subsidise Chinese students.

He couldn't be more blatant than that, or could he?

The BNP believes fees should be scrapped for all British students, but then we are not in hock to the banks.


Lanky Patriot said...

I see students have rioted at the Tory central offfices today.
Although as I wrote I am against student fees I am also against rioting.
Also these students will not be affected as the increased fees only come in in Sept 2012.

It seems like a SWP (oxymoron) inspired riot so there will be no arrests.

Imagine if the "thuggish" BNP had been involved now there WOULD have been arrests with much media condemnation.

It won't happen because although we oppose these charges we are democrats and do not riot,unlike the rabble today who should have been studying in any case.

Cameron will have to listen to the people more instead of his banker friends or there will be more of this disorder.

Times are changing.

Silly Kuffar said...

You are correct in thinking that the SWP (Socialist Worker Party) were involved, they had banners which were displaying Socialist Worker Party
name at the top.