Monday, 6 September 2010



Mohammed Jahangeer
Hamid Mohammed

Mohammed Zabir

THREE men involved in delivering nearly £800,000 worth of heroin to Sheffield have been jailed for a total of 28 years - with a fourth man due to be sentenced in September.
Mohammed Jahangeer, aged 28, was locked up for 14 years, Hamid Mohammed, 36, received eight years and Mohammed Zabbir, 22, was jailed for six.

Shiraz Khan, 27, is due to be sentenced on September 8 after a pre-sentence report is prepared.

Sheffield Crown Court was told the heroin was stuffed in a holdall before being transported from Birmingham to Sheffield in a taxi on September 15 last year.

The court heard Zabbir booked the taxi for the heroin to be delivered from Birmingham - while Jahangeer helped organise the Sheffield end of the operation.

Khan acted as the courier as he accompanied the heroin in the taxi from Birmingham to Sheffield.

Prosecutor Michael Smith said Khan stopped at a service station on the A38, where he received a postcode for delivery.

Khan then went with the taxi to Firth Park Avenue in Sheffield - where Mohammed was waiting to collect the drugs.

Mohammed got out of his car and approached the taxi when police apprehended the two men and arrested them. The two others were later arrested.

Police found 10 kilos of heroin, which has a wholesale value of £183,779.

But taking into account the heroin's purity and Sheffield's heroin street value, the stash was estimated to be worth £794,000.

Mohammed, of Page Hall Road, Grimesthorpe, Sheffield, and Jahangeer, of City Walk, Sylvester Street, Sheffield city centre, changed their not guilty pleas to guilty halfway through their trial.

Zabbir, of Church Road, Birmingham, was found guilty by the jury.

Shiraz Khan, of Wellington Road, Birmingham, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs at his first court appearance.
The three men above had nearly a MILLION POUNDS (street value) worth of HEROIN.
For this they should have received the death penalty, such as we would if we tried to import and distribute huge quantities of Heroin into their 'mother' countries, but I think a better way to punish people like this is GIVE THEM A HEROIN INJECTION EVERYDAY FOR TWELVE MONTHS prior to release. Force them into a squalid junkie life.
They had no qualms in wanting to profit from the misery which Heroin dealing and Heroin addiction causes. Let their families suffer like the families of those who they would sell too, and profit from, their misery.

Deny them any sort of Drug rehabilitaion for 15 years as part of their punishment. if they want to get off it let them go cold turkey.

If they are willing to spread and profit from misery then make them suffer, return the misery and suffering they are willing to cause back to them.

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