Monday, 6 September 2010


He suggested the event, at the Waterstone’s store in Piccadilly, could be cancelled because he did not want to “put everyone through a lot of cost and hassle” and it “is not as if we need to do it”

Mr Blair labelled as "sad", people who to disrupt the book signing but indicated he may cancel it amid evidence other hostile groups, including the British National Party, could join protesters.

He said the Metropolitan Police were "fabulous and they will do whatever we ask them to do" but should not be asked to commit resources unnecessarily.

His comments come after protesters targeted him during a book signing in Dublin at the weekend where eggs and shoes were thrown by demonstrators.

While no missiles hit Mr Blair, the former prime minister was heckled and jeered by anti-war protesters.

Mr Blair is expected to be greeted by a large number of protesters when he attends this week’s book signing.

Customers wishing to get a signed copy of his memoirs will be subjected to tight security checks.

Asked why he was undertaking such a book signing given the “lively”, protests, Mr Blair told ITV’s new Daybreak morning news programme: “That is quite a good point and frankly in Dublin this is a classic example (where) people that come and protest are in a small minority.

“The ones that are doing all the protesting are the ones that get all the publicity. To be frank I am concerned. I don’t want to put everyone through a lot of cost and hassle at this Wednesday’s signing so I am just thinking about that.

“The Met police are fabulous and they will do whatever we ask them.

Asked if he was now planning to cancel, he added: “Look, as I say, the book is selling fantastically.

“There are people, particularly now the BNP apparently said they want to get in on the action, you end up causing a lot of hassle for people and cast and frankly there are better things for the police to do. So it is not as if we need to do it.


This little paragraph may explain in some way why the Police did not protect our two ELECTED EURO MPs on College Green from the DART THROWING FASCIST THUGS of the state sponsored UAF ...

"He said the Metropolitan Police were "fabulous and they will do whatever we ask them to do" but should not be asked to commit resources unnecessarily." So how do people get to arrest this WAR CRIMINAL and have him charged with WAR CRIMES ?

Are the Police now truly politicised that they will protect a TRAITOROUS WAR CRIMINAL ?

BUT ...

This is how much WE (BNP) worry the TRAITORS and WAR CRIMINALS.

I hope this puts a smile on the faces and a spring in the step of all BNP members and supporters.

God, I'm a happy chappy after reading this.


Lanky Patriot said...

Well, well well the great ex Leader, peace envoy and financial advisor fears thet our party will be among those protesting against him at his book signing.

According to the experts we were supposed to be bankrupted or otherwise put out of existance.
Obviously the talk of our demise is premature and he knows it in spite of the efforts of his government to close us down.

We really do punch above our weight and people are coming to see that our party and its policies are the only way to save our country from traitors such as him, and we are GROWING in spite of their best (worst) efforts toclose us down.

Anonymous said...

the MET police= armed Mafia soldiers.