Monday, 6 September 2010


So the mass murderer war criminal ruinour of our country and financial parasite has cancelled his book signing due on Wednesday.
There were some protests in Dublin at a signing there but he felt safe in London protected by £250,000 worth of Metropolitan policing and was going to go ahead with it UNTIL-- He heard that the BNP would be there infiltrating the crowd in addition to joining in the general protests.
He knows we pose no physical threat to him unlike the SWP and UAF for whom thuggery is part of the political process and whose actions he has subsidised and promoted.

So what is this coward who sent hundreds of soldiers to their deaths in an illegal war and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afgans, not to mention exposing the British people to terrorist reprisal attacks frightened of?
Is it the fact that he would be unable to refute his treachery to members of the party he tried to destroy?
It certainly is not the police costs as over the years they have run into £millions.
He is basically afraid of the truth. The truth that he is the most hated man in Britain.
Why does he need or even warrant so much protection? Previous prime ministers needed much less.
He can not see the irony of having killed so many "in the interests of peace". He wants us to like him.
Well I for one would like him to FACE JUSTICE in the Hague for his crimes but before that face justice here for the damage he has done to our country and for that matter the Labour Party.

Even if he never gets his just deserts he will always live in fear that someone will gain their revenge. His millions are no compensation for the ability to walk down the street without looking over his shoulder. He will never be free, always needing protection, and freedom is something money can't buy.
Unlike him I can walk unaccompanied anywhere I like. (apart from the alien ghettos he has created).
I can go and do go into Tory and Labour clubs as well as sports clubs in complete safety with all knowing who I am and the party I support and be received in friendship.

You will never be able to do that Tony. Your reputation is dirt and little better than some of the tyrants of the 20th century.

I am free and you will always be a prisoner even if you evade the more confined environment I hope you eventually get.

BTW don't buy this book. It has blood on it.

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