Sunday, 5 September 2010


When the English decide to protest at the hatred spouted by the ISLAMIC INVADERS,
When the English decide to protest at the abuse our soldiers receive from the ISLAMIC INVADERS,
When the English decide to protest at the RACIST HATRED aimed at the British by the ISLAMIC INVADERS - What happens ?


We are herded and penned like animals, surrounded by NKVD JACKBOOTED THUGS (known colloquially as the POLICE) eager to put the FIST, BOOT AND BATON IN, whilst those who would destroy us have free reign to scream hatred and abuse at us.
Spit at our soldiers and call for VIOLENCE against ALL NON-MUSLIMS.

When the ISLAMIC INVADERS protest against anything not Islamic, or spewing their Anti-Semetic hatred on the streets of Britain or calling for people to be MURDERED ('Behead those who insult islam')- What happens ?


FREE REIGN, no penning in of the hateful invader.

I have one question .................................................




Big business thought it could control national socialism in the thirties,after using it to achieve its aims,new world totalitarians think that they can use islam in the same manner in the twenty-first century,both erroneous beliefs,though islam is far more deadly than national socialism ever was.

Andy said...

The Muslim gains and retains its hatred then spreads it to their fellows. teaching the children and setting the direction of things for the future.

The Western Europid is not so hard minded nor unforgiving so the police know they can get away with it.

p.s. Being hemmed in and removed from the right of free passage is illegal under law.

Anonymous said...

the police are just police by name nothing else.In fact they are a mafia,full of sycophants and bullies. kids who bullied others in school who were smaller than them. and eventually got a good pasting of the little guy. but being of bad character and cunning with it they/joined the police ,there they can get away with murder intimidation and bullying.Blair and the axis of evil use them as Stooges armed and dangerous because they think they can get away with supporting the Mafia. But our day is comming how could one good honest police officer support this ,there is none thats why, But they forget we all no were they live there kids play with ours. we no when they are out , they need to beware the lion is grumbling. when awaken it will roar and they should be with the lions or else

Lanky Patriot said...

No. All cops are not like that. I know two who support us and have told me so but dare not do it openly or even vote for us in case they are found out and sacked.
They are just ordinary PCs of course. No promotion for them, only the university indoctrinated social workers whith no experience ever get near to the reins of power.