Saturday, 4 September 2010


Yesterday the crook and erstwhile fugitive from justice Asil Nadir attended court in London on charges of having frauded £millions from British people including those who had invested their future security in retirement in his companies.
In spite of his fleeing the country having broken his bail conditions this crook was met for customs formalities on his plane thus avoiding the inconvenience suffered by lesser mortals when entering the country.

No queuing at passport control for him nor a long walk through the terminal. No he was escorted from the steps of the plane in his chauffered Jag to his fashinable Mayfair address.
Surrrounding the court yesterday was a phalanx of police to protect him from any possible danger together with armed thugs running alongside his car just in case.
He seemed in good spirits as he entered the court, obviously expecting the leniency afforded by his ill gotten wealth and friends in high places.
The costs in security for this crook must run into hundreds of thousands of pounds not to mention the court costs. He of course has the money to pay having stolen it from poor British people,(or will he claim legal aid as a bankrupt?)

Next week another man will attend the court.
His crime--to promote the British people and their way of life.
Although he agreed to alter the principles under which he stood to suit the State apparatus this it seems was not good enough as some people were unable to access the new constitution for a day and some people of foreign origin did not like even these amended principles.

A jail sentence has been asked for this heinous crime, not of attacking nor defrauding others but just for supporting the British people.
The people seeking this injustice? The majority ethnic minority, non British government subsidised EHRC led by the overpaid anti British parasite Trevor Philips.
The man they seek to jail? The British patriot Nick Griffin who has devoted his life to his kinsmen and never defrauded anyone.
He has physically or financially attacked no one. He has never agitated for violence. His only actions have been campaigning for the British people to have priority in their own land and have been done verbally.


Will Nick Griffin, an honest man of impeccable financial probity be given the same police protection as the crook Asir Nadir?

I hope so but somehow in the light of the absence of protection on College Green when throwing darts at him was not considered a crime I doubt it.

The reason for this different treatment?

Asil Nadir is a crook WHO HAS DONATED TO THE TORIES IN THE PAST. He is also a foreigner who has no interest in our country except to suck us dry.

Nick Griffin is a patriot who although against no one of any race champions the British people and our national interests.
As the saying goes "By your friends shall you know them".
Well we know the kind of people who subsidise and support the Tories.
Our supporters are the poor and ordinary people of our land who only want a fair deal and contribute out of their meager incomes to that end.

The average copper should realise this and that we are the same as them. It is their university indoctrinated bosses who in their scramble for the riches which politically correct policies will achieve who are the real enemy of the people.

Go on you PC cops. Show your mettle and any patriotism you still retain. Give our patriotic hero the same protection you give to the thieves who support the Tories and keep him safe.

WE WILL BE WATCHING YOU, and will repay any deliberate deficiencies with interest when we have the chance.


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Anonymous said...

Well said, I will be there on Tuesday even if I have to walk, I am a OAP with a Heart Complaint, but I have to give my support,time is nearly out!!