Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New Twist - Wigan Failed "Man-Boy" Asylum Seeker On The Run!

Asylum seeker Rabar Hamad (maybe in one of his many disguises above) has gone on the run after the authorities ruled that he is 20, despite his original claim he was only 14.

A new twist has developed in the case of the Iraqi Kurd who ended up in Wigan and cost the local taxpayers over £200,000 per year. As we initially reported on Wigan Patriot last week here:
Speaking at the protest on August 5, Sally Hyman, who is a teacher at Breeze Hill School, said: “Rabar’s care cost Wigan Council £4,000 a week so it has a financial gain to make from stopping his funding."

So, just where is Rabar hiding? Considering he'd previously hid inside a wheel arch all the way from Iraq to arrive in Wigan I'd believe the Border Agency will have a big task on their hands if they're ever going to catch him! Personally, I'd first start to look into every nook and cranny of the epidemic of muslim barber shops that seem to have sprung up throughout our borough over the past 12 months! An apt name for him would be Babar Hamad?

Failing this I'd certainly check in every back yard and outside toilet of maybe the likes of Fran McCaul and her loony left chums homes as I'm sure they'd be involved somehow or maybe those closely associated with their far left organisation at WALUAR (Wigan and Leigh United Against Racism) and UAF included.

"If found he now faces immediate arrest and anyone found to have helped him remain in the country could face up to 14 years in prison."

A couple of updated reports can be found here at WiganToday and here from the Daily Mail.


We hear that the "NOT SO " good samaritan's over at another of Wigan Borough's taxpayer funded and crooked organisation the RAFIKI/MOTSWAKO PROJECT which receives on average a sum of £50,000 annually from the Council's core budget - that they are indeed hiding illegal immigrant Rabar Hamad.

Here is just one quote from the Rafiki/Motswako Project website:

Rafiki/Motswako Project aims to:-

* Provide a safe and separate space for bme young people (Refugees, asylum seekers, Black young people, European young people, etc.)

I think the proof is in the pudding! Don't you?

I will let you know more news as and when I receive it!


Lanky Patriot said...

shompeeOr he couls be calling himself Ali Barbar. He may be alone but could be living with up to 40 others.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Lol! Quite true Lanky!

Just added an update regarding his whereabouts...we hear on the grapevine that the councl funded RAFIKI/MOTSWAKO PROJECT are hiding him??


As lanky Patriot, previously stated.
He, has no right here whatever his age, as Iraq is safe and bordered by Syria and Turkey, both MUSLIM countries, where he could gain asylum if necessary and live according to his culture.


Just another freeloader, how many more are trying this Con Trick ?

We need to start provideing Shelter to our own Young homeless,
and our returning men and women leaving the Military.

Charity, begins at home.