Thursday, 5 August 2010


Link here -Asylum seeker forced out:

The case of the "child" asylum seeker who has had the fees for his stay in a children's hostel stopped by Wigan Metro is a rare indication of some sense by social workers in the borough who say he is in reality twenty years old.
They disputed that Rabar Hadad who arrived from Iraq after travelling from ther "in the wheel arch of a lorry" two years ago was only sixteen. This presumably means that he was younger than 15 when he arrived and thus a child.
It begs the question that if someone who as a child is thus immature managed to travel so far and in such a manner. Also where were his parents or family?
Why would someone so young seek asylum anyway if he was still a child? Is Iraq not safe anyhow?(admittedly not always pleasant being full of Iraqis but they are his own people so he should get on with them).
The cost Wigan Metro was paying for this six foot plus "child" was reported as £4000 per week, seven times the school fees for Eton. Where do they get these costs from?
However there is a way that mr Hadad's age could have been verified (and perhaps it was), X ray.
The maturity of teenagers can be gauged by their bone development on X ray and I would hope that will have been done.
In any event he has no right here whatever his age is as Iraq is safe and bordered by Syria and Turkey, both muslim countries where he could gain asylum if necessary and live according to his culture.

It is heartening to know that at least SOME social workers are immune to having the wool pulled over their eyes and saved the taxpayers £200,000 per year, although I am sure there are many twenty year old children who get away with it

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Lomra Greener said...

It's about time the immigration authorities did the job they are paid to do, full marks in this case but why did it take so long? The WEP article states that this character "spent 10 days in the wheel arch of a truck to escape Kirkuk, Northern Iraq". Pull the other one, superman would have had a hard job to ride in the wheel arch of a truck for ten days, let alone someone in his (claimed) early teens.