Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Taken from todays Telegraph -

Over 9 billion people are expected to inhabit the planet by 2050 and the challenge of providing them with enough food to live without destroying the environment is increasingly tough.

Dr Philip Thornton, of the International Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi, said: “One [solution] is artificial meat, which is made in a giant vat.”

He added that another could be the use of nanotechnology, or molecular engineering, to deliver medication to livestock, which could increase their efficiency.

Other answers put forward were: increased yields from plants due to higher levels of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on which they feed; genetic modification; lowering food waste by encouraging people only to buy what they will use; or by developing food technology so agriculture produces less greenhouse gases.

However, some scientists warned that progress could be hindered by the amounts of information being controlled by some big multinationals in the sector, such as Monsanto.

Professor Jenifer Piesse, an international business expert at King’s College, London, said: “This represents a threat to the global commons in agricultural technology on which the green revolution has depended.”

The suggestions were presented in a range of papers published by the Royal Society, the Guardian reported.

The newspaper noted that more than one in seven people in the world do not have enough protein and energy.

Can we trust anything and anyone these days ?
We also have BIG PHARMA pushing drugs that do more damage than the illness prescribed for.
Cloning of DEAD animals for the food chain.
Etc, etc.

Since food was Globalised all we see as a result is OBESITY.
Maybe this "NEW FOOD" is some type of SOYLENT GREEN" and made out the fat removed from liposuction, the insides of real breasts (which have been removed and replaced with a plastic bag filled with chemicals) with added animal lips, eyes, ears, noses, tails etc.
How is anyone with plastics tits ever going to be able to breast feed ?

Somehow I don't feel hungry anymore.

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Lanky Patriot said...

It's enough to put you off your bacon buttie.
I have never trusted Monsanto.
This is the company that promoted the new super seeds with a terminator gene. That means every time a farmer produces one of their "super" crops the crops they produce are sterile and if they want to produce another crop they can not use farm produced seed and thus must buy new seed from you've guested Monsanto at great expense.
This will mean that in future food supplies will be in control of large companies like Monsanto and they will have the monopoly of food supplies. That will give these companies too much power and I think is a dangerous and bad thing.
Profits will come before secure food supplies.