Tuesday, 17 August 2010


The police SERVICE is having to make severe cuts to save money in these times of austerity.
So most PCSOs woll go. So no more urgent phone calls to summon help when a child is drowning and waiting to tell the police where to recover the body from.
No longer will we see these diminutive people walking in pairs down quiet country roads to reassure the locals that all is well and they are safe.

Many traffic cops are being made to re apply for the reduced number of jobs available in future so in the event of an accident on the motorway it will be up to an hour before a policeman arrives.
Some cops are already trying to improve their prospects of employment by stepping up the fight against crime, in the only way they know "ticking boxes".

Two weeks ago on the East Lancs road a contractor, a young lad who had fought for his country and working hard for a living was stopped for a routine check by the Customs and Excise assisted by the police.
Fair enough they were checking for red diesel and the roadworthiness of the vehicle.
The policeman looked all over the vehicle and could find nothing wrong. All was in order and he had spent his time and been unable to tick a box. AND THEN Eureka he found something.
The drivers seatbelt had a small cut in it a quarter of an inch wrong. This was so small the vehicle had passed 2 MOTs with it but no matter instead of warning the young man to get it fixed the cop put a STOP notice on it.

Now the lad depends on the vehicle for his job and was unable to get a replacement belt for 2 weeks so he lost business.He also had to have another MOT and in all the "infringement" cost him hundreds of pounds in lost earnings.
The severity of the infringement was not severe enough to merit a fine and in a scale of severity of offence going from "A" to "C" where "A" is the most severe and "C" is the least he was given a "D".
After all this and getting the belt renewed and another MOT he then had to find a police station which would rescind the "Stop" notice.

The good news, the cop got to tick his box and convince his thick PC bosses of the work he had one for road safety, and thus keep his job.

Other protected parts of the police are the "Gay Lesbian and Transgender" departments together with their backup staff as well as the various "Ethnic" associations.
Money of course will be available to celebrate gay and ethnic events.

Something will have to give and it will be in areas of less importance such as robbery, assault and serious motorway accidents while serious crimes such as calling ethnics and homosexual names will be enforced with vigour as well as those minor technical vehicular "crimes" which have no bearing on safety such as cuts in seatbelts and numberplates with the wrong spacings.

No wonder the police have lost the respect of the people.
However it is not the average cop's fault, it it the fault of their PC university bosses with their Social Science degrees (hardly of more value than media studies) who dictate the framework in which the police now work.

The police "Service" is like the government rotten from the top and held increasingly in disdain by the people, and until we get root and branch change in both our country will never improve.

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