Thursday, 29 July 2010


The proposal to force people living in council houses to move into smaller accomodation when their family leaves home is an insidious attack on our way of life.
It is said that there are many people who have too much space and they should make way for people with larger families.
We know that British families have been becoming smaller so there should at first sight be no need for this proposal.

The only people to benefit are the large immigrant families which are already placing such a burden on our maternity units and schools. So to accomodate these large families British people will find themselves forced into smaller accomodation whether they like it or not.
It is said that these large families are poor. They should have thought about that before knocking out so many babies and expecting us to support them.
Many council estates will become ghettoes of immigrants eroding even further our sense of community.

I was always against the "right to buy" policy as it deprived hard working people on low wages somewhere to live. Social housing is important but it should be only provided for native Brits.
One aspect of the right to buy that was good however was that ownership brought with it pride and thus on many estates where houses have been bought they have become neater and better maintained.

Security of tenure in rented accomodation is another way of encouraging pride in one's house. If you feel that you are there for life you keep your garden neat and ensure the interior is well looked after.
Under the new proposals if people are threatened with forced moving they will see no point in maintaining the appearance of the house. Why keep a neat tidy garden when it will be taken away and given to a refugee family?

If enacted this proposal will cause deterioration of our council housing stock and communities and injustice for those who have worked to pay the taxes to build them. It is just another not so subtle way of further destroying our society and community.
These houses were built for British people and they should have priority.
There is no shortage of houses, just too many people taking the British people's birthright.
Get rid of the illegal immigrants, stop all these bogus asylum claims and job solved.
Sufficient housing for all.

YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE but it's not what this government wants.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting proposal. Perhaps this is why Sean Bryson was served with an injuction? Read Sean Bryson's Banned Pages here