Thursday, 29 July 2010


David Cameron is on a visit to India, partly to give unfettered Immigration to the Indians but also to drum up trade for the UK. What trade can we do with India ? Export some Indian Immigrants back ?
Not a chance on Dave's watch.
Cameron had the audacity, according to the Foreigner Milliband, to point the finger at Pakistan for it's role in supporting Islamic terrorists fighting our troops in Afghanistan.
"Mr Cameron caused anger in Islamabad when he warned that Pakistan should not be allowed ''to promote the export of terror'' in the world. "
But the strange thing about his visit is David Millibands comment that Cameron is "GOING OFF SCRIPT".
What script would this be ?
This revealing remark by the TRAITOR Milliband should have every Indigenous person worrying.
Has "LOUDMOUTH" Cameron let the cat out of the bag ? I don't think so, as we all knew that Pakistan and the Pakistanis in Britain are aiding, fighting with and supplying the Taliban and the insurgents in Afghanistan against British troops.
What is Milliband upto, what is he referring to ? Why is Cameron "OFF SCRIPT" ?
What script, whose script ?
Is Milliband worrried that the we will realise that we are storing up years of Civil and Social unrest from the ISLAMISTS which New Labour have allowed to enter our country ?

This is all to do with selling us, the INDIGENOUS BRITISH, out.
We cannot trust the Lib/Lab/Con to secure the future safety of British soldiers in Afghanistan nor can they, nor will they secure the future for the INDIGENOUS BRITISH in OUR HOMELAND.
With the mass Immigration from Pakistan and ISLAMIST COUNTRIES comes the prospect of MASS TERRORISM from ISLAMISTS in our lands.
Who will secure OUR LANDS for OUR PEOPLE ?

Only WE, THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY can do that, and to do that we need to sweep away the whole rotten traitorous scum, mainly of FOREIGN extraction, which now infest the halls of power, be that in Westminister or local government.
Why else do you think they all unite against us ?
Because we CAN and WILL restore BRITAIN FOR THE BRITISH.
If you think things are bad now what will they be like after another 5 years of Lib/Lab/Con Anti-British Traitorous misrule and open discrimination of the Indigenous British ?
I dread to think.


Anonymous said...

I am a little concerned with the title "support of the fight against fascism", when nationalism, a core fascist belief, is the inherent unity of a population with distinct linguistic, physical, or cultural characteristics and its identification with a nation-state.

This definition is found here

and could be worth a read before attacking fascism or using the word as an insult.

I am, by the way, a BNP voter.

Mike O.

Silly Kuffar said...

We know what Fascism means, maybe you should re-read the definition mike.

Silly Kuffar said...

Also the Nationalism part of Fascism cannot be separated from the rest of the definition. Otherwise it's not a definition of Fascism, Nationalism does NOT equal Fascism.

Silly Kuffar said...

@Mike O "Brief reference must be made to definitions of fascism offered in popular works intended for the mass market. These “definitions” are typically lists of attributes deemed to be essential characteristics of fascism. Invariably these lists contain attributes that are often found in non-fascist states, and the authors fail to distinguish fascism from simple authoritarianism, if indeed they even understand that distinction. Examples of authors offering these trivial analyses include Naomi Wolf, Lawrence Britt, Umberto Eco, and others. (I very much like Umberto Eco’s fiction but he is definitely not an analytical thinker.)"

You must re-read the definition, you cannot take a piece of the definition and call it the whole definition.

So don't be concerned, we're not.

Andy said...

Fascism was created from the Roman Facses:
An Axe with rods tied around to strengthen the shaft and bound with a leather cord. Symbolism for an axis power with satellite nations all bound with the same law.
AKA the EU, USSR, USA, ANC etc. A good example is under each hand of Abraham Lincoln's statue, the pillars of the Whitehouse and so forth..

Back on subject:
Remember our Nimrod spy planes naming the 'ghans the Talibrum?
The news also mentioned a good smattering of Oldham and various Yorkshire twangs in there too.

If they are not killing our soldiers with cowardly ways, they are being aided and abetted with free grain to keep the poppy growing farmers fed and an extra £655,000,000 training money given to Pakistan.

Lanky Patriot said...

Fascism to my mind is dictatorship and intolerance and the antithesis of democracy.
Nationalism is not Fascism and can encompass democracy as well as patriotism, as does our party manifesto. We just maintain this country belongs to us and our rules and culture must take precedence and the will of the indiginous people paramount.
Our form of democracy believes in the rule of law imposed from the bottom up and not top down as in a fascist state.
That is Nationalist and community democracy, a far cry from any Fascist ideology which is an imposed system by a powerful elite.

Andy said...

Good point there Boss. That reflects on what Fascism has become in its recent years as reflected last century and is becoming here in this century.

After all the Labour party of old is not the labour party as it was when formed and certainly not the party as it stands today.

I stand aghast when the news states "to form a stable Gov't they must be a majority". Good speak meaning a half decade dictatorship!

Anonymous said...

True, SK and LP, nationalism is not fascism and can be shown in many ways; pageantry, music, costume, monuments, kings and queens, even football supporters.

However, to be a politcal force nationalism must require an underlying philosphy. Just look at the six definitions in the Michael Mann paragraph. Which do you not agree ?

LP's "Our form of democracy believes in the rule of law imposed from the bottom up and not top down as in a fascist state"

sounds very similar to Mann's

"'Grass roots', populist squadrism aimed at coercing opponents and obtaining popular approbation by acting as a supplementary police force"

Some compromises will have to be made to return our Country to the British people. And one of those compromises may be democracy.

Or let me know how democratic nationalism can be realised.

Mike O.

Silly Kuffar said...

@Mike O - Could you tell us why we cannot have Democratic Nationalism.
It'ss no use looking at the Fascism definition and then trying to ask us to fit into it, we can't.
All it needs is for people to vote for us. Democracy in action. Don't you think that the Government of Britain in WWII was a Nationalist Democratic government in a sense ?

Andy said...

Fascism is in no way a single state issue. Never was and is impossible to be. Any other interpretation otherwise is plain wrong, no matter what the interpretation. End of.

Law is all about creditors and debtors. Courts are places you do business, usually through barter with an adjudicator standing in the middle.

Many people simply sit there reading 60 years of propaganda and call themselves historians.

Mike, why are you so interested in looking for some link to the BNP and fascism? The two as one is an anathema.

Anonymous said...

@Silly Kuffar. Not sure there was much democratic about the WWII British government. Was it elected ? And wasn't Churchill supported by the army ?

It's that our enrichers are not turkeys voting for christmas. How on earth is an elected parliament going to undo the damage caused by immigration ?

I dwell among mine own people (no longer).

Mike O.

Anonymous said...

Andy, I'm not calling anybody a fascist, but I'm beginning to think like one - just like Ionesco
's "Rhinoceros"

Andy said...

Mike, you have not read the manifesto.

You firstly referred us to a "blog" which is on "pressenter" servers that in turn refers to obscure sources of historical interests.

i.e. Nationalism is NOT a core belief of fascism. There is no point in history to back up that premise.

Then you slide over to a presumption of the bnp running the country and how it will handle the countries financial and other issues.

What happens in the real world is the opposition steals our policies. Then we feel there is a glimmer of hope. At the same time those who oppose it nobody likes.

Silly Kuffar said...

The Government of WWII was a mixture of all parties, uniting together to save Nation from the Nazis and Fascists. There were ministers from all parties working together with one aim. The army wasn't putting people down here or repressing/oppressing anyone. And it wasn't run with Big business hand in hand with the government.

We have something like Fascism now, where if the Indigenous population speak out against the treasonus acts of our governements or mention immigration or immigrants which is not PC the full force of the Politicised police bear down on us, and where Big business (BP)can lobby for the release of Libyan prisoners. I would say that's a lot nearer to Fascism than anything your trying to suggest.
Or do we not have a politicised police force .
I think you have a better chance of placing the New labour years in the Fascism camp than you could ever do with the BNP.

Could you explain to me why you think Fascism applies to Nationalism ? and British Nationalism especially ?

Silly Kuffar said...

One definition of Nationalism -

Loyalty and devotion to one's nation or country, especially as above loyalty to other groups or to individual interests. Before the era of the nation-state, the primary allegiance of most people was to their immediate locality or religious group. The rise of large, centralized states weakened local authority, and society's increasing secularization weakened loyalty to religious groups, though shared religion — along with common ethnicity, political heritage, and history — is one of the factors that draws people together in nationalist movements. Early nationalist movements in 18th- and early 19th-century Europe were liberal and internationalist, but they gradually became more conservative and parochial. Nationalism is considered a major contributing cause of World War I, World War II, and many other wars of the modern era. In Africa and Asia in the 20th century, nationalist movements often arose in opposition to colonialism.

Andy said...

Can I bring up a point there SK.

That attack was on a yank plane to kill yanks. The UK took the brunt of the hit and we had to deal with it on our soil. We had to carry the can of the prisoner which stifled trade with the Libyans.

So yanks whining about us freeing him to get jobs the yanks are already on is hypocrisy of the highest order.

If they want him back in prison, they can start by withdrawing trade and labour to Libya.

Silly Kuffar said...

But what Jobs will be created for the British through this ? BP is not a British company anymore. BP wanted to start deep driling off the Libyan coast and used Magrahi as a barganing chip.

Andy said...

BP are a parent company. They mostly employ contractors. Under EU law if you use a contractor over a certain period of time they are effectively full time employees with all the rights thrown in. Not in the UK. Brown sorted that out.

Many, many of the skilled contractors are Brits & yanks. Many are ex North sea as thats running down, as we know.

How many Brits? I cannot say. We'll a couple of years to find out.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Cheers Mike O

What is Fascism?

Definition of terms:

·Transcendence: Belief that the state can transcend social conflict and blend all social classes into a harmonious whole. Belief in the power of political ideology to transcend human nature and produce a better world.

·Cleansing (ethnic): Favoring one or more ethnic or racial groups over others, either by granting special privileges or imposing disabilities; deportation of ethnic minorities, or worse.

·Cleansing (political): Silencing the political opposition so that the transcendent aims of fascism can be realized. Restricting the freedom of speech, outlawing opposition parties, imprisoning political opponents (or worse) and indoctrinating youth in fascist principles.

·Statism: Promoting a high degree of state intervention in personal, social, or economic matters. Belief that the state can accomplish anything.

·Nationalism: Belief in the inherent unity of a population with distinct linguistic, physical, or cultural characteristics and its identification with a nation-state. Belief that the nation possesses special attributes that make it superior to other nations in some or all ways.

·Paramilitarism: "Grass roots", populist squadrism aimed at coercing opponents and obtaining popular approbation by acting as a supplementary police force.

I'm personally of the opinion that the last two governments and very much in particular the last Labour government can be deemed to be labelled "fascist" when we look at the scholarly definitions given in the link.

Lanky Patriot said...

Mike O.

I do not think any of the definitions of Fascism you quoted are applicable to Nationalism

1 Transcendence. We do not believe the state can transcend social conflict. There will always be differences in opinion which would be natural in a nationalist system.

2 Cleansing (Ethnic)

We are not in favour of this. We do believe our country should be run on our lines so if others do not like it they would be FREE to move.

3 Political Cleansing.

In the democratic society in which we believe all opinions are tolerated.

4 Statism.

Again this is the antithesis of democracy and so are against our beliefs which are predicated on freedom.

5 Nationalism.

Yes we are Nationalists, hence the name BUT we do not see ourselves as superior, just that this country is ours.

6 Paramilitarism.

As democrats we do not believe in this concept of coertion.

I believe previous so called fascist regimes have been imperialist and thus denying other states their right to govern their own nation states.
We do however believe in the rule of law otherwise anarchy prevails.
However the laws must be just and if the time comes when our rights are subverted completely in our country then perhaps we will be compelled to take the law into our own hands.

That is the function of the BNP, to prevent that situation happening and secure our country by democratic means but these are hardly fascistic principles.

Andy said...

If that is what you want. It appears you were backing the wrong party Mike :(

Lomra Greener said...

I agree with two way trade. They send back the jobs that noo liabour exported to them, and we send back their scrounging immigrants (retaining the ones of any use of course).

Andy said...

We could also sell them our prisoners!