Thursday, 29 July 2010


Valdas Anelauskas lives now in the USA having been driven out of his home country (Lithuania), under political exile, and is doing his best to expose the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism and how it is being implemented here in the USA.

He states in one of his writings:

"Today, reflecting on the time when we first arrived here, I realize how naive I was. Or perhaps ignorant. I really believed that the United States of America was a democratic and free country. Moreover, I imagined it to be a highly advanced and progressive nation, maybe even the most civilized country on earth in history. How foolish of me!"

He points out that many of the Marxist plans and ideology he saw in the USSR are actually happening here in the USA within popular social movements …. having different names but Marxist never the less. Most have no idea it is happening. Cultural Marxism is very much alive here and the plan is being carried out here and now. The location of the presentation had to be changed twice at the last minute because of disrupters.

This is not just about CULTURAL MARXISM in America. Substitute America for Britain or Europe and you get the same CULTURAL MARXISM.

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