Wednesday, 28 July 2010


So our great Prime Minister continues his worldwide tour and is now in India.
A week ago he was in the USA reminding them that we were a junior partner to them in WW2 in 1940 before the Americans had joined the conflict.
His Eton history education must have been somewhat deficient as the USA only joined the war after Pearl Harbour on 7/12/41.
Admittedly they did give us some assistance in some obsolete cruisers before then in exchange for parts of the British Empire and money which we only finished paying off 4 years ago.
Germany and Japan of course were not landed with these debts and the cost of repaying them hindered critically our ability to rebuild after the war.
It was a good deal for America. We saved the world and they took the profits, so not much has changed. Their banking system in America has screwed us in recent years while we taxpayers pay the bill.
I suggest our Prime Minister demands the fees back his affluent parents paid for history lessons at that school.

He now is venturing East and has been making conciliatory speeches to Turkey stating his hope that they could soon be a member of the EU.
This is the man (liar?)who promised us a referendum on EU membership but has now renaged on that promise. I suppose it is par for the course for the present cabal of traitors to our country who at present rule us. His historical kinowledge seems also deficient in Turkey's past. Massacre of Armenians in the Thirties for example. To mention this in the "democratic" Turkey is a crime.

Recently I went to Cyprus and went to the Turkish North. My first impression was of it's Stalinist nature. Massive statues of Kemal Attaturk adorned the mountains and road islands, he always in a militarist pose. The Turkish government if granted membership of the EU which they could be in spite of their human rights violations would achieve what the Ottoman Turks tried but failed to do in the Middle Ages, domination of Europe.
The Greek Cypriots with whom I spoke were against Turkish accession to the EU as are I suppose the Greek people.
What do they matter? The powerful have spoken even if the majority of Europeans do not want them in. It's big business and Global Capitalism again. Business rules all and the people are just pawns to have their culture traditions and identity subverted in the rush to Globlised capitalism.

In a word we do not matter. "Its good for business" trumps all and if the people do not like it they must lump it.
It is no coincidence that Cameron's father was a stockbroker and Clegg's a banker so you know where they are coming from.
WE are told we live in a democracy. NO WE DON'T.
We live in what a Tory minister, I think Ken Clarke called an "elective dictatorship". A party is elected in a large part by people voting against the previous government and its leader then puts his often ( and usually ) mad pet theories into practice and has up to five years to exercise his dictatorship. Nobody can stop him unless disaster strikes or he resigns.

So continuing his progress our Prime Minister changes the policies on which he was elected.
He promised to curtail immigration and now is consulting the Turkish government on OUR immigration policy to see if they like it.
In India today he arrived with humility. Why. If you do not agree with empire or not, its existance had nothing to do with us. (possibly his family made some of its wealth on the backs of Indian peasants so perhaps he should apologise but mine didn't so don't be humble on my part lad).

The Indians also did not like our immigration policies as it hindered their people from coming here.
Now I believe in friendship with all countries and non interference in their internal policies so I would be grateful if India would extend the same rights to us as they demand from us.
British people are not allowed to emigrate to India. They can go on a work permit (on sufference) but not gain nationality unless they are of Indian stock. But this is not what Cameron and his pushy poodle Cable he of Indian wife fame wishes.
I am not against Indians, indeed of all non Europeans I prefer them but we must have impartiality and we can not sustain ANY increased population.
They are wanting a one way traffic, Indians to Britain, not the reverse even though per square mile we are more densely populated than India.

So Mr Cameron, you are no democrat. You are a dictator with no mandate from the British people to persue these policies. If they were likely to be of advantage to the AVERAGE British citizen I could POSSIBLY accept them, but they evidently do not.

Your policies only benefit your wealthy paymasters in the City of London and the increasingly non British section of the electorate to which you pander.

Give our country away and the wrath of the British people will be upon you, and in the downturn in our economy which is surely coming will test our patience you will reap the whirlwind.



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When will the INDIGENOUS BRITISH STAND UP and BE COUNTED. It may be too late when or if they do.

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