Monday, 26 July 2010

Last Chance Saloon................For Some!

It's now or definitely never.......if the establishment are ever going to succeed in bringing down the British National Party............ and this for good.

With all their mighty clout, the endless pot of monetary contributions from both internal and external bodies of Westminster, the government quangos, the media magnates and the usual frothing lunatic 'leftard' unions, British hating Commies, Marxist cranks, infiltrators, druggies, spongers, soap dodging freaks and it certainly goes much further and beyond when you add the name of PM David Cameron to the list of the deviant on the fascist left, who have all tried and failed to put a stop to the British National Party march.

Two MEP's, London Assembly member, County Councillors and a plethora of dedicated local Councillors and many a stalwart branch and group up and down this great nation of ours dedicated to our cause, who all continue to shine.

And this fantastic bond continues to grow and grow at an absolutely fantastic rate in support of the British National Party, the last bastion of hope for our sorry browbeaten. Just look at Facebook for example - this just proves the rate at which we are expanding. I remember seeing the first few hundred "Like This" members of the British National Party coming though via the Facebook facility and willing for more....If you look now I bet we're touching on the 40,000 mark or maybe we've already passed the 40,000 "members" by the time you've read this!

Locally we took over 10,000 votes just in the Wigan and Leigh district alone at the last local and general elections! We were the highest returning of all the North West areas in terms of votes cast when Mr Nick Griffin was elected as an MEP in 2009.

So, if it's not broken then why try and fix it? What's all fuss? Who's doing what and why? Who's putting another spanner in the works if anyone is?

The powers that be have thrown everything they have at us.....and yet still we march on and on and on....they know and we know that we will never ever surrender...

Mr Nick Griffin MEP has decided to announce an end to his tenure as Chairman of the British National Party and he will gladly step down after fifteen years at the helm in 2013 to the huge disappointment of those who wanted to see Nick and the British National Party succumb to the relentless hostility, violence and be reeling in the gutter well before this date. Because it means no matter how much backing they had, they could not break the BNP.

And yet, we are having to face just one last final concerted effort - just one more trick up their sleeve from those that wish to derail this carriage of hope....and I am absolutely convinced that if they can't break the unity of the British National Party now.... then they never will!

Full steam ahead!


1959GREENARROW said...

well done wigan patriot for supporting the bnp . posred from south norfolk

theonetruegod said...

i'd like to twitter this if i may great stuff

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Please go-ahead 'theonetruegod' Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Shared onto facebook and other sites, well done on an exellent article and brilliant site.