Monday, 26 July 2010


Sorry for the absence of a post on the blog for a few days. I have been in the "Deep South" at my step daughters where politics and national matters take second place to "East Enders" and other such multi culti indoctrination.

Give her this she is a good hard working girl and her husband a hard worker. She is not interested as I am in politics but she still votes BNP.

I spent my time reading a book called "The Shock Doctrine" which although written from a somewhat Left wing point of view resonated with what is happening.

In the brief moments a newsworthy item was on the television I heard a statement which made me think why the powers that be are so against us.

That was that the BNP only existed to campaign against immigrants, and worse HAD NO OTHER POLICIES.
That is the point, we have many policies but our immigration policy is the only one the media will speak about to deflect the public from our economic policies which WILL resonate with people. They wish people to believe there is no alternative to Global Capitalism, while hiding what that doctrine means.

The Shock Doctrine shows how wars, revolutions and slaughter have been uased by these "elites" who seek to rule the Earth.
When a nation's assets have been destroyed by revolution, often fomented against popular governments by agencies such as the CIA or wars instigated for spurious reasons such as "The fight against extreme Islam or previously Communism "when these threats did not exist. Indeed those two ideologies only became more dangerous following this intervention.

We have always been as a party against foreign aggression yet we are portrayed as racist. We believe people should do as they wish in their own countries.
These elites have no love for Afghan peasants nor the poor in any country and usually make the lives of the poor poorer by supporting dictators who oppress their own people such as Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.
No, all they want is power over the resources of those countries whether the local people want it or not.
Once they have that power they strip the most profitable assets for themselves.

So where do we as a Nationalist party come in? Why are they so against us? It can not be on the grounds of humanity when they have killed millions of poor people and made millions poorer.
No it is because a nationalist government would resist this theft of resources.

So what are the methods of the elite in our country to render us powerless?
Bankrupt us.
Sell our productive interests to their companies. Impose spurious taxes which puts our industries at a disadvantage so they can be bought cheaply by them. Privatise national resources and buy them cheaply and govern them from abroad.

Carbon credits are one such insidious method. Tax British company's energy costs, make them uncompetitive and ripe for "hostile takeover" This has happened in the steel, glass and chemical industries to name a few. Jobs lost, City bankers make huge bonuses and our nation becomes dependent on foreign industry for our requirements.
Our energy supplies are largely controlled by foreign companies. France controls much of our electricity.
Our coal industry decimated and our oil sold off cheaply.For the first time in our history we are not self sufficient in energy and even some of our defence industries are foreign owned.

We are becoming powerless and at the mercy of these multinational companies with their elitist global agenda.
The reason they are against our party is that we are the only party untainted by their corrupt methods and the only one dedicated to retain and regain control of our national assets.
They then top it all by flooding our nation with people from many races and cultures to prevent a national rising and it is all in the bag. We will be only able to resist with difficulty, British and foreigners will be at their mercy.

That is why they persecute us, not because we are racist (we are not) but because we resist our country being globalised and our common wealth landing in their greedy laps.

Read the book or see the film!

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