Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Rajinder Singh and his BNP membership card for copyright free use by the media on the condition that the party is credited for the image. Thank you!

Only BNP Can Save Britain from the “Terror” of Islamist Colonisation and Protect British Identity, Says First Sikh Member


Dr Chris Hill said...

As a then BNP member, during the Leeds trial a few years ago, I cheered this brave gentleman. If the party's current leadership had even half this man's honesty and integrity I'd still be a member.

Rajinder Singh: a British (if only by adoption) lion indeed.

Chris Hill


This is the act of one very brave, educated, selfless man, in more ways than one.

He will no doubt be threatened and intimidated, ridiculed, vilified and slandered by leftty idiots, but he is made of sterner stuff.

He has honour, integrity and maturity - with which comes wisdom!

The British have always appreciated those that stand with them, whatever their colour or background - the loudest cheers from the crowd watching the military parade at Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 1897 were for the colonial contingents (all volunteers ).

Bertie_Bert said...

BNP Roadshow Nick Griffin March 2010 Sutton in Ashfield. enjoy !


Dr Chris Hill said...

Taken directly from a BBC's news story about an 11 year old boys death at school:

"The inquest has shown the lack of training, lack of communication between staff, lack of record keeping and a complete absence of common sense in the event of a child suffering from an asthma attack."

I say:
Lack of training in first aid and common sense. But what's the betting all the teachers had been on half a dozen or so courses, to increase their cultural sensitivity.

RIP Sam Linton. Simply another innocent victim of political correctness.

Chris Hill

thelunaticarms said...

Congrats Mr Singh, beaten me to it.

Damn being brassick all the time. Everything is self-inflicted though.

Well, except the taxation, fines and other petty thefts life consists of.

@ Dr Hill

Everyone should be taught first-aid. The first few minutes are vital. If someone knew to hold little Damiola's leg up, he wouldn't have been murdered in a Peckham stairwell.

Been blessed to have had courses myself paid for by my employers. Even more blessed I've never had to be called upon for a serious accident (usually plasters).

I would go further though and have this taught to all kids in compulsory school lessons. Something like this would teach them skills that would last a lifetime.

And who knows, may even inspire some to get the same moniker as yourself.

Or at least treat life with a bit more respect.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear thelunaticarms (00:17 hrs),

You said:
"And who knows, may even inspire some to get the same moniker as yourself."

I say:
I'm afraid I'm the wrong type of doctor to be of much use in a medical emergency; although I do think even I would have been able to recognise that this poor lad needed an ambulance. But then again I'm sure the teachers are far better able to recognise a situation of cultural insensitivity than I could, and that's the most important thing these days isn't it?

Political correctness is killing people.
Chris Hill

D. said...

An adopted brother can be better and more loyal kin than a blood brother who betrays his family


Sadly he did not have the honour ,integrity and maturity to remain in his own country and work for its improvement,but took the soft option to parasitise mine.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Englishman (10:34 hrs),

I don't think this gentleman can be blamed simply because, as a youth (remember in 1947 he can have been little more than a teenager), he fled to Britain ("the mother country") because of Islamic violence. He may well be one of the few genuine refugees to entry our nation since 1945.

However the main point must be that he has clearly abided by our laws and contributed to our society over more than 60 years, and is now acting with great courage by standing up to intimidation. If even 10% of our politicians had the character of this man we would be well on the way to saving our nation and its people.

Chris Hill