Tuesday, 16 March 2010

ENGLAND-The Death of St George.

We received a petition asking:

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The Government regularly receives requests for additional bank holidays for a variety of reasons. The pattern of Bank Holidays is well established and accepted but we keep all of these suggestions under consideration.

Lord Goldsmith’s review of Citizenship published in February 2008, recommended considering the case for creating a national day focused on ideas about shared citizenship. The purpose of Lord Goldsmith’s review was to provoke a public debate on these issues. The Government will consider Lord Goldsmith’s recommendation in light of the ongoing debate. Attached is the link to Lord Goldsmith’s review: http://www.justice.gov.uk/reviews/citizenship.htm.

Your suggestion of a Bank Holiday to celebrate St George’s Day on 23 April has been one of the popular suggestions we have received. However, there are other very popular suggestions, including one for a new ‘British Day’ after Remembrance Sunday to celebrate the contribution of our Armed Forces.

Trafalgar Square given over to Islamic celebrations

So NO St Georges day Bank holiday for the English, as this would be discriminatory to those who are NOT ENGLISH. But we have these covered as New Labour are allowing Schools to close on Islamist celebration days such as Eid, Ramadan etc for the foreign followers of alien religions, but it's ok as the Christian kids will be forced to have the time off school. More time for them to immerse themselves in Islam and their own destruction.

I can't hear a thing through all the Noise the Christian leaders of this country are making over the demise of our Christian heritage, aided and abetted by the C of E (Cowards of England ?).
I do wish they wouldn't shout so loud.

Is an 3rd world England/Britain what you want for you and your families?


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Anonymous said...

Out of spite, everyday should be England Day. Especially in London, probably the only way to ensure it stays English.

Paddy's night tomorrow and you can be sure that those lazy buggers (sic) will pull a fast one at work AND get paid for it.

Glad to say I will too due to the fact my dear departed Grandmother hails from the Emerald Island.

St George's Day should be a Bank Holiday Weekend, a Friday to Monday affair. Wouldn't mind moving it to the middle of summer though, perfect time for the BBQs.