Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Early Day Motion

EDM 1299

Horwood, Martin

That this House welcomes the 20th anniversary of International Labour Organisation Convention 169 on Tribal and Indigenous Peoples, which recognises and respects the land rights of indigenous peoples; notes that protecting the land rights of indigenous peoples is the most effective way to protect the world's rainforests, crucial in the battle against climate change; further welcomes a memorandum submitted to the Environment Audit Committee by the Department for International Development and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which recognises the importance of ensuring indigenous peoples' rights are respected in terms of ownership of the carbon asset; notes the Government's continued refusal to put these rights on a firm legal footing and ratify Convention 169, on the grounds that there are no indigenous peoples in the United Kingdom; further notes that this has not prevented either the Netherlands or Spain from joining the list of 20 countries, including Brazil, that have ratified the Convention; believes that protecting the rights of indigenous peoples is a matter of international concern; and calls on the Government to ratify Convention 169 without delay.

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
The above link is to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
New Labour or the ISLAMIC PARTY OF BRITAIN, want to celebrate everybody elses identity whilst denying US our won.

And our Media are silent on this.

Could that be because new labour have positioned their Lackeys and Foreigeners into positions of power and control of the MEDIA ?

And to combat FREE SPEECH on the Interent the Tart with no heart, wife and kids (Thank god it won't reproduce) Lord (Brownstain) MANdleson want's to bring in the Digital economy Bill
In the hope of silencing opposition parties who are using the net to get over their Anti-New Labour message and informing the Public to what is really going on in this country.

Vote for Democracy, Freedom and the end to the enslavement and destruction of the English.



Anonymous said...

Out of spite, everyday should be England Day. Especially in London, probably the only way to ensure it stays English.

Paddy's night tomorrow and you can be sure that those lazy buggers (sic) will pull a fast one at work AND get paid for it.

Glad to say I will too due to the fact my dear departed Grandmother hails from the Emerald Island.

St George's Day should be a Bank Holiday Weekend, a Friday to Monday affair. Wouldn't mind moving it to the middle of summer though, perfect time for the BBQs.

Anonymous said...

A grave injustice that will be their undoing.

A pyre is being built and of course, the Corruptibles still believe they will fuel it with us Nationalists.


While Patriots still breathe (and vote), we have a chance to stick them ontop of the heap of crap they have helped created.

And more importantly...

strike the match

(Also, if we are not ethnically British, does that make me a minority? And if so, anyone got Harperson's phone number?/sarcasm)