Thursday, 18 March 2010


"A total of 10.6 million people either did not have a job, or have stopped looking for one, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics, which indicated that more people than ever before had abandoned the workplace – choosing instead to study, go on sick leave or just give up searching for a job.

A record 149,000 left the workforce and became "economically inactive", between November last year and January, the ONS said. These people more than offset the fall in the headline unemployment." [...]

And these are the figures we are allowed to see.

Never mind, next time you see a Foreigner driving a nice big car and going to his nice big home, or taking that expensive exotic holiday, you can be proud of the fact that you have given them their jobs, homes and their wealth at you and your childrens expense.

Let's hope that when your Children are Starving and Homeless that the Foreigners take pity on them and offer them a crumb of comfort, rather than blow them to pieces.


thelunaticarms said...

I'll be adding to that 10 million in five months time. Was just discussing with a compatriot the prospect of running as a candidate in Peckham.

If Harperson's Equality Bill comes through, it's either try my luck as a cllr, the dole office, or gulp, pretending I'm a woofter, thus 'special', for employment.

I don't mind dressing up for a stag-do, but for work?

God help me for my Government is nowhere to be seen!

Silly Kuffar said...

Stand as a Councillor Jack.
I'm standing in my ward unless someone else wants it but I will then find another local ward to be candidate for.
What have you got to lose ?

Best of luck with that Jack.

You can go for the Pink vote, as most of them must be worried sh!tless about the way the Islamists are gaining a foothold in the corridors of power.
And we know what Islamists think of the odd ones.
If you don't stand then the votes that would have gone to you will go elsewhere.

thelunaticarms said...

Sadly SK, to win in Peckham, I'd need to offer an amnesty for illegals, free passports and plane tickets for families abroad and the legislation of voodoo.

Of course, if I joined Liebour, the CONs or the Lim Dicks, I could just lie through my teeth!

Nationalism just won't sell here. Free crap for all does though.

I'll be rooting for all the Nationalist candidates. God knows we need as many as we can get.

And if I can motivate myself to preach to the Peckhamites, I'll need to practice my multi-cult-religion ;p


All in the plan gentlemen,unemployment of the indigenous population makes thier dispossession of thier country easier,a suplicant has no power and is forced to do as he is told,I would welcome employment,unfortunately the pole is more entitled to a job than i am,his culture more valid and his future more important.