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These are just extracts from the original aricle which can be FOUND HERE. Almost every reference to America applies here in spades (am I still allowed to say that - or has that been yet another retreat, as enunciated earlier?).Emphases are mine.

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OK, this goofy guy gets on an airplane with an at least somewhat explosive jockstrap and the entire earth goes wacko and orders porn-scanners and everyone has to watch ( Brown) [Obama] being Leaderly for hours. He is becoming tiresome to watch. [A mahogany president with large white teeth. He looks like a goddam piano. Blacks have achieved racial equality. They can produce presidents as bad as the white ones.]

What suckers we gringos are. How wonderfully amusing all of this must be for Al Quaeda. So little effort is needed to manipulate the decreasingly Great (Britain) [Satan] into doing all manner of comic and expensive things.

Leave your enemy with no choice but to do what you want him to do.

So little is necessary to terrorize the world’s (former) hyperpower. A free-lance dingaling secretes a bomb of sorts in his shoe, whereupon the (UK) [US] goes into convulsions and long lines of (Brits) [Americans] stand comically barefoot in airports. Dingaling Two popularizes liquid explosives, and so (London) [Washington] frenziedly confiscates toothpaste. Yes, the world’s (former) hyperpower is afraid of Colgate, with fluoride. Dinglaling Three hides the infernal machine in his skivvies, so (Brown)[Obama] makes Firm Pronouncements, and we will now have to undergo examination by panty scanners. Always, over and over, the terrorists have the iniative. The country reacts hugely and predictably.

Won’t the panty scanners be wonderful? Now some (chav) [affirmative-action federal] retard can look at nekkid women all day.

Companies in the electronics racket are going to make out like (City) [Wall Street] looters. How much does a panty-scanner cost? Multiply it by the number of security gates, and someone is going to swim in gravy. Throw in training contracts, maintenance, and upgrades. The (government) [federal] teat remains a bounteous spigot.

Now, who is winning the War on Terror? They are. ... (The London Transport suicide bombing)[New York] was genius. Evil, but brilliant. A few guys with box cutters, a bit of training, and voila! Thousands and thousands of (Brit soldiers) [GIs] dead or ruined, (Britain)[America] dives into a half dozen wars, and there is no end in sight. As strategy, the terrorists have been masterly. They have perfected induced suicide. We have been (Euthenased) [Kevorkianed.]

Al Quaeda has transformed (Britain) [America] into exactly what it was intended not to be: a frightened police-and-surveillance state. Wars subvert freedoms, and subvert the desire for freedoms, and then the memory of them. If this is what bin Laden and the gang set out to bring about, they have succeeded splendidly.

(Brits) [Americans] now accept random searches in public places, and (MI5)[NSA] monitors everyone’s email. ...

Police powers grow. Cops increasingly are militarized, ninja-ed out, jackbooted and unaccountable. Habeas corpus is doubtful. (British - now European note) [American] embassies abroad cower behind bars, afraid to allow women to enter with a lipstick. (The world’s (former) hyperpower is afraid of lipstick.) The ever-present loudspeakers in airports and subways urge us to watch each other: We are to be a nation of snitches. Carry-on bags on airliners are being forbidden. The (police) [FBI] can pull your library records, and the library can’t tell you. As the twilight deepens, journalists hesitate to criticize the government. (This latter, amigos, is happening.)

Ours is not the (Britain) [America] it recently was, and it gets differenter by the month. ... The success of the terrorists is deplorable, but in strategic terms it has been magnificent. Never have so few done so much to so many so easily.

Things are getting shaky abroad. (Britain's) [America’s] title of (one of the) top dog(s) has become questionable. While the (UK) [US] hemorrhages money in strange wars, China grows like kudzu. Economic power eventually, usually quickly, engenders diplomatic and military power.

I find it interesting to hear the BBC speaking casually of Japan as the world’s most technologically advanced nation, of China as “the world’s factory.” It looks as if Asia will soon be dominant economically.


HERE'S THE ORIGINAL. It all applies to Britain too. Do read the lot.


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