Monday, 11 January 2010

New Labours bogus IMMIGRATION policy.

New Labour have been telling us for years that 'Lessons Will Be Learned"
But not these sorts of lessons.
WE have an enemy building up it's strength under our very noses. And the Government is doing what about it ?
Allowing unfettered access to our country to Terrorists, Rapists, Murderers, Peadophiles, Drug Gangs, Prostitution Rackets, etc, etc etc.

"The memo to the Home Office says education institutions, who now have to sponsor foreign students, are effectively deciding who is allowed to enter, rather than immigration entry clearance officers.

It reveals that concerns over the new system were raised by officials in 2008, before it was even implemented." ...

"Phil Woolarse, the immigration minister, said: "The Points Based System is a more transparent, objective and robust application system than what went before. At every stage of its implementation we have reviewed its impact strengthening it when needed.""


Not a Cowardly bunch of traitorous theiving losers.

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