Monday, 11 January 2010

Anjem Choudry - Islam4UK to banned.

Choudry won't go away. He'll come back as a leader of another Islamic group, with his original followers.
One way to stop all this.....DEPORTATION FOR THE CHOUDRY FAMILY (and all the families of his adherents).


Dr Chris Hill said...

Punishing the relatives of this man would be seen as being very unfair indeed by many fair minded voters. Now I do agree that anyone who obtained residency, or citizenship, due to a relationship with this man (ie through Marriage or sponsorship) their status should be revoked, but to do so simply because of a family connection would not be just.

Keep well,
Chris Hill

Silly Kuffar said...
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Silly Kuffar said...

Would they not be liable to aiding and abetting known terrorist sympathisers and supporters?

The state arrested Nick Griffin and tried to punish him with hate laws, now, Anjem Choudry has never been charged with anything.
Does that not say something ?

Not all terrorists are Muslim, but most terrorist attacks are carried out by ?

"The security services have operated a similar deal in Britain. On 22 August 1998, the newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat quoted Omar Bakri: “I work here in accordance with the covenant of peace which I made with the British government when I got (political) asylum.”"

Have a look at the BNP article.

Lanky Patriot said...

Chris, this is a war.
I do not believe in the death penalty but we have to have a way of discouraging violence.
A good way is to take it out on the family and friends of any "Martyr" or suicide bomber so that any anti British action would lead to the expulsion of all their family and associates.
If other countries refused to take them back we have plenty of cold wet Scottish Islands where they could go.
I would think most people would think these measures better than this increasing surveillance at airports and Muslim countries would welcome our party's exiting from their countries.
We have to win this one. Remember if they are law abiding they and their families will not be affected.

sunnymartin said...

Anyone who has studied Islamic history will be aware that Islam has been at war with non-Islamics for a very long time.

If Choudary wasn't around there will always be someone else to stand in his place.

Islam has always been a political and military ideology...not a religion. The Koran is NOT a religious book and the mosques are not churches...but meeting places to discuss strategy for taking over any peoples who aren't already followers of Islam.

Wake up people!!...look at what happened to Lebanon

Coming to a town near you....only if we do nothing

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Sunnymartin (06:55 hrs),

Islam is indeed a wicked and evil cult, but that does not mean that everyone duped into believing its teachings are evil. We must be careful not to make martyrs out of people whose only crime is stupidity.

Chris Hill

Silly Kuffar said...

Ignorance of the facts is no excuse in Law.
Unless it's a perverted British Law, which then go's on to protect those that would kill us, in the name of Islam and Sharia law.

I would hazzard a guess and say that ALL MUSLIMS would welcome an ISLAMIC BRITAIN.
(Just like the journalists who keep telling us that this is not what Muslims want. How do they know and why do they speak as if they know what Muslims want?)

Whether the Islamists tell that to your face or hide it till the time is right to attack the INFIDELS in their homelands is what you should be considering.
And being ignorant of what the aims are of muslims here in Britain is still no excuse.
Especially as they are shoving it in your face.
If you want to bury your head in the sand that's up to you.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Silly Kuffar (07:59 hrs),

Of course ignorance of the facts is a defence in law, if you don't know a criminal act is being perpetrated you can't be expect to prevent it. I think what you are doing here is misquoting the old adage that "ignorance of the law is no excuse", but even this is only a very general rule and there are exceptions.

Chris Hill

Silly Kuffar said...

Do you agree that ALL Muslims in Britain want Britain to be an Islamic state ?
Why wouldn't they ?
If Britain were to become an Islamic state, how do you think we, the indigenous christian population would fare under foreign rule and Sharia Law?

Sir Henry Morgan said...


In Islam there are no exceptions - Muslim good, Kuffar converted or dead.

We ARE in a 'them or us' situation. It really is war, it has been going on for 1400 years, and once upon a time we knew it as well as they did.

Now only they know it ... and a few of us kuffars ...


Sir Henry Morgan said...

There are only two sides to this war:

Islam versus Everyone else.

Islam is the only belief system worldwide that doesn't pracise 'The Golden Rule' on a universal basis.

They do have their version of it: the Golden Rule for other Muslims, but for no one else.

And look at the way they treat other Muslims! What do you think WE can expect Chris? Given that during the Time Islam occupied India it murdered 70 million Hindus, and enslaved uncounted millions more and transported them in inhuma conditions back to Arabia and Iran.

Gor a daughter Chris?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Several typos - you can all work them out.

Silly Kuffar said...

Correct Chris..Ignorance of the Law is no excuse...Not Ignorance of the facts.
Though my point still stands...If the Families of Anjem Choudry and his hate filled rent a mob know that they support Terrorists and Terrorism but do not know how (Ignorance of the facts). Are they still not aiding and/or abetting ?

Silly Kuffar said...

EU lexicon to shun term "Islamic terrorism"