Monday, 11 January 2010

And if you decide to Home School your Children

You cannot be INDOCTRINATED being schooled at home.
And your Children might get some sort of Education.
ZaNuLabour do not like that.

"The U.K. government had its second reading of the Children, Schools and Families bill today, and apparently MP Graham Stuart’s speech was fabulous, from what I hear. I haven’t had a chance to hear it myself yet, and am looking forward to it. It’s just so shameful, in my opinion, that Mr. Stuart is forced to be an unwilling, and heroic, participant in a government that has so openly proven itself to be a fascist police state and has abandoned its own history as one of the most powerful examples of democracy the world has ever known"


Martyn Findley said...

We home educated our two eldest for three years. Worked a treat.

Not the right thing for everyone but if it can work for you I would recommend it.


Silly Kuffar said...

I'm sure anything other than State Indoctrination disguised as Education would be better.

No wonder they NUT don't want BNP members as teachers, as they would lift the lid on the whole corrupt marxist inspired indoctrination which is going on in English schools.

Anonymous said...

It is a damn shame that so many of the underclass have no choice.

I think the problem with the underclass, they see education as free or something that is value for money, seeing as it wasn't always available.

So a sort of take it or leave it approach began where instead of the parents taking an interest like in the beginning, slowly, the schools took over more and more of the roles that were once the responsibility of the parents, meaning more apathy.

Then, once the parents don't care, why should the kids?

Another thing is, these damn Marxists like to explain everything as fact, especially when it suits their own political purpose. So instead of producing thinkers, they produce parrots.

I've just finished a similiar post to this regarding the Marxist, Fabian, what-the-hell-it-is-ideology propagating kids on my blog @

(apologies for the self-promoting plug but I'm sure you'll agree it is worth it).