Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hundreds arrested in French violence


New Year's Eve celebrations turned violent in regions across France as youths burned more than 1,000 cars overnight and police arrested nearly 400 people.

Car burnings have become a regular occurrence in the poor, immigrant-heavy suburbs that ring France's biggest cities, but the incidents of arson are especially prevalent on New Year's Eve.

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Let's be's already here.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

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or used in any form or by any means – graphic, electronic or mechanical,
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and retrieval systems – without the permission of Europol. "

Oh dear ... hahahahahahahahaha

Sir Henry Morgan said...

That'll teach 'em about what happens when they put stuff on the interwebbythingy.

And these people tell themselves they are cleverer than we serfs and have "authority" over us. After all, it stands to reason doesn't it ...errr!

They are, of course wrong, just like Westminster and, indeed, WMBC are. What they actually have over us is POWER. That's not the same thing but they are too dim to know the difference.

When between one in four and one in five people only, vote for the incumbents, then they have no "authority" at all - only power; and power without authority inevitably leaks away.

I suppose they are lucky that that's what happens ... at least it's relatively peaceful. We all know what would happen if "power" underwent an explosive decompression.

But at least our lamp posts nationwide would be interesting for a few days. And there would be a run on rope stocks.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

That party member who designs and builds gallows - perhaps he should turn his talents to designing and building a 'la Madame' that would perfectly fit the spare plinth in Trafalgar Square ... might come in handy.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I suspect the drumrolls and rows of old biddies knitting might make good television ...

I've been in a seriously bad mood for days now. What? It shows? How?

And there was me thinking I was hiding it quite well. I definitely wouldn't make a very good Chinee or Nipponese would I ...