Sunday, 3 January 2010


 ... as a young man doing something rather unusual. Indeed, three of the pictures on this site were sent in by me; a bit of the writing is mine too, and I can put faces to a few other names mentioned here. Scroll right through and have a look and read.

My I was a good looker when I was young and still had all my teeth ... eh? Hahahahaha. Well, the commander of the Iranians on the base when I was on an earlier contract certainly thought so (that was during the Shah's time and they were friendly then. Ordinary Iranians still are, best I've ever been able to tell, and I've met a few when I lived in London) - every time I visited the swimming pool he was there and without fail tried persuading me to let him rub olive oil all over me. Life can be more interesting than you would imagine.

So all you young fellers - don't laugh too hard at us old timers: we've often been places, done things and seen things you can't even imagine. Not even Hollywood can imagine some of it. We weren't always past it.



Anonymous said...


Good pic you look like a young James Bond.

Interesting post.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Morg: Thanks for stopping by my Birthday Post and putting all your good information! This was a most interesting post, I agree with British Lady!
How anyone walked away from that crash in one piece is a miracle. I'm happy you survived all your adventures. I think you should write a book.
Regards, Bunni

PS: Thanks for sharing your secret pic.
You can find one of me on my VERY FIRST blog post I did in Feb (?) 2007. shhhh, it's top secret ;-)