Saturday, 19 December 2009


It really does sometimes appear as if the free/oppressed parts of the world are undergoing a role reversal.

Pravda, oh how we used to mock, but ...

Throughout the totalitarian West, the Marxist internationalist elites, while busily flooding their countries with tens of millions of third worlders, have introduced specific measures to keep the native populations down and in check.

These measures have come in the form of Hate Crimes Laws. The laws state that a crime is not just a crime if we can find a deeper motive, such as hate of a specific race, sex, religion or sexual orientation. Thus the Lords of Humanity have given themselves the power of God to know what is inside the hearts of men.

Read it all and wonder - this is coming out of RUSSIA?



Anonymous said...


Can you get the link of Tony Ward speaking about why his attackers GOT off.

I have friends who visit this Blog - but are too frightened to LOG ON to the main BNP SITE.


Due to their employment status.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I'll see if I can find it - but no promises. If I find it I'll post it.

Andy said...

Hi British lady.
If your friends use google chrome, and access the 'net from home. They can click into "incognito mode". Better still if they use a proxy server occasionally, then they are almost undetectable. Its about time we all moved onto freenet anyway. A bill is about to be passed to ban any website that they deem unfit very soon.

Slightly off topic:
This regime is becoming so oppressive and debt burdened it is about time we collectively jumped ship and become our own offshore, self determined landowners.

The foreigners that feel so "British" here who tell us to get out should be wary for what they wish for.

There will be no affordable energy soon and the ice age will be coming within a 100years.

Anonymous said...


I am talking the over 70 populous,

trust me they are on the receding end of seeing all this, but are financially, not able to shout, their only say is in the BALLOT BOX XX BNP.

Labour has imported so many young and able, you can vote, we must ensure we bother to take an elderly neighbour|s to vote otherwise are Land will be lost.

Many Pensioners are skink and a taxi fare to vote maybe too much.

I have ten pensioners signed up in my street. to vote, we have 6 months left , we will be hiring coaches !

Andy said...

Yes, its a shame youngsters don't have a true sense of recent history.

Many oldsters are truly in fear of repercussions from the state. That is a most sickening aspect of reality. They already know what propaganda is.

The BNP vote is demographically the older generation.

I've always wondered if you are local to me. Morg might know of my postcode...

Anonymous said...


I am WN6 Springfield.

I may well have spoken to you. if you are the same Andy, when I was Leafleting, Wigan West Election.

Andy said...

Sorry missus, we haven't spoken. Theres a lady in my estate who was/is listed as a member. I'll go to a meeting one day and let myself be known :)

The only leafletter I've come across at my place was
hopeless and hateful's

They tried to say that drunkard labour stooge from Oldham who said he was BNP.. Gang rapist from a decade ago. was a good enough reason. Then I mouthed back a litany of councillors and politicians who are nicked for various things. All recent of course! They simply could not handle that.

I still had in my hand several dozen leaflets off them when I said I'll give to my mates on their behalf. hehehe.