Saturday, 19 December 2009


George Handlery about the week that was. Searching for antidotes against the insolent disobedience of the restless masses. Pacify Islam: export secular atheism. Just discovered: Muslims are not responsible for the last two world wars. The devaluation of racism through over incantation. About the extent of Soviet infiltration.

1. The insurrection of the masses. Only one politically advanced industrialized society practices on a regular basis and within short intervals institutionalized direct democracy. Some evidence suggests that it is a better system than its missing global practice would suggest. The widespread representative system puts decisions in the hands of a political class. The insider crowd’s orientation and ability to sense issues that concern its people can be limited. When its ideology’s assumptions and reality diverge, it can even run contrary to what formal politics’ outsiders desire. 

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3. The inclination to react negatively to the demonstrative display of Muslim presence by some refugees is unmistakable. Combating the effect, instead of dealing with the cause, the invocation of the “racism” mantra brings diminishing returns. An added drawback is that genuine racism is trivialized and ultimately made acceptable by the inflationary use of the term. Once “racist” becomes a household word for nearly everything, the real racists will have it easy. The impositions and “territory marking” of made-visible Muslims and their comportment are not rejected because they come from aliens. Resistance is provoked for another reason. By the standards of the infidels to be converted, the system that expresses Islamist influence does not work “at home” and, furthermore, the life it promises is not worth living.

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