Saturday, 19 December 2009


" The Left’s strategy has not changed much since the 1930s. They push government spending ever higher, and then define budget deficits as the problem. When fiscal conservatives point out that the overspending causes the deficits, the Left labels that as extremist, supporting slavery and homicidal. When in power, the Left ratchets up the spending on its clients and picks the pockets of the productive citizens out of a faked concern for the “deficit gap.” 

The one rule is that expenditures are never reduced, except as a strategic ploy. If an emergency forces a reduction, what’s reduced is the police, the garbage pick-up, the libraries, but never the budget-busting public workers’ pension programs, or the legions of $150,000-a-year deputies of bureaucrat deputies, hired and retained through thick and thin to fulfill the Holy Grail of Body Snatcher creed: “balance” between competent straight white males and quadriplegic black Muslim lesbians. 

Ah yes - that'll be the task of all the Elliot Browns and other such "Diversity Co-ordinators" of various title, salary, and way shape and form.

But there comes a time when the spending is no longer an exercise in cynical egotism or delusional ‘social justice,’ but a deliberate battering ram with which to fell a nation and steal its future. ... "

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 ... “experts,” full of the particular arrogance of people who have read 10,000 books but never milked a cow.

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The fatal conceit of learned socialist bunglers is personified in Dr. – in history, of all things -- Gordon Brown. As the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, between 1999 and 2002 Brown sold 60% of Great Britain’s gold reserves at an average price of $276 an ounce. He had actually managed to drive the price to its lowest in 25 years, still called "Brown Bottom," by announcing his intentions in advance.

By 1 December 2009, gold had risen by 335% and stood at $1200 an ounce. And Dr. Brown, having managed to trash Great Britain in many other ways since, is now its Prime Minister.

Full of grandiose ideas to redeem whitey and uplift the world, among Brown’s other flashes of brilliance has been his effort to get the West’s then-solvent countries to give away much of their gold, via the IMF, to relieve Third World debt. Since this particular outflow to the Third World did not work out, Brown with other Labour leaders have since done their best to destroy Great Britain via a demographic inflow from the Third World.
The gross mismanagement of the West’s real assets by big business leaders has been far exceeded by the gross mismanagement of the West’s economies and societies by political leaders and bureaucrats. This starts with their Keynesian conviction that they know how to manage the economy. Friedrich von Hayek called it “the fatal conceit." The scope of this term ought to be enlarged to include also social capital, i.e. common ethnic roots, cultural consensus, shared norms of behavior and the resulting social trust – for these invaluable social assets have been similarly destroyed by the fatally mad ruling elites.

Ostensibly about America, but do read it all because every word applies here too. A long read, but very educational:


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