Monday, 12 January 2009


I'm trying to improve the look of our blog and make it more user friendly but as an oldie have not mastered all the tricks available.
I await my grand daughters expertise in this.

The header is of a pit wheel which I have in my yard which I thinks represents the people of Wigan and respects the toil and often death of our forebears who bequeathed our town to US.

It is not a big wheel, only 6 foot in diameter but was used on the headgear of a small local pit 100 years ago and latterly at Windy Arbour Colliery. It was I believe originally in the headgear of "Low Brooks Colliery" about which a book was written under the title "The Unfortunate Pit" in view of the many deaths from explosions underground.

I painted the colours in black and gold to represent the wealth (for some) gained from Wigan's famous coal industry (and my sadness at its demise) and my pride in what the working men of Wigan achieved.

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Anti-gag said...

Yes this wheel is a nice piece of local history, but I can't help thinking about the men it helped lowered to their deaths.

The factory, mill, and mine owners often treated British workers worse than slaves, but do you ever hear the white British working class ask for an apology from the rich? And personally I don't think we should, it happened live with it and get on with life. But just lets make sure it doesn't happen again by voting for your local BNP candidate next time.

Chris Hill